White Man Dies After Black Nurse Leaves Him Lying on Floor With a Broken Leg Next To His Wife Sitting ‘In Her Own Mess’

Tara Brady
Daily Mail
August 14, 2013

  • Sarah Msika appeared before the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • It is claimed she failed to spot pensioner was injured at his home in Norwich
  • She allegedly left the man’s incontinent wife lying in her own faeces
  • Man died three days later while his wife died six months after the incident

article-2391711-1B433A5A000005DC-227_306x462An elderly man died three days after an agency nurse left him lying on the floor with a broken leg, a tribunal has heard.

Sarah Msika failed to spot the pensioner was injured when she visited his home near Norwich, Norfolk, it was claimed today at the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Msika allegedly left the patient’s incontinent wife lying in her own faeces in the kitchen propped up against a table leg.

Healthcare assistants found the couple lying ‘in the same positions’ on the floor later that day and rushed them to hospital.

The elderly man died three days later while his wife passed away six months after the incident.

When Msika visited the couple on August 3, 2011, and did express concerns about the absence of food and the smell of urine in the house.

David Clark, for the NMC, said: ‘On that visit both Patient A and her husband, Patient B, were siting in chairs and behaving normally.

‘Msika visited the couple again on the following day, and was met with a very different scene.

‘She found both Patient A and Patient B on the floor in different rooms. Patient A was in the kitchen, sitting partly propped up either against a table leg.

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