Pennsylvania: Protests After Unarmed Black Man with a Knife Murdered by Racist Cops

The systemic racism in this country is out of control.

The hate-filled cops continue to randomly shoot black people. Police are just driving up and down roads looking for black people to murder, as Donald Trump cheers them on.

It’s time to call it what it is: genocide.

New York Post:

An officer shot a man who was lunging at him with a knife in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Sunday, police said.

An officer with the Lancaster City Bureau of Police responded to a call of domestic disturbance at 4:15 P.M., when 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz rushed out with a large knife, according to body cam footage released by the police department.

Ricardo Munoz: a little black boy who the police murdered for no reason other than the color of his skin.

In a statement, the police department said the 911 caller told a Lancaster County dispatcher that her brother — Munoz — was becoming aggressive with his mother and was attempting to break into her house.

The bodycam footage shows a woman escaping the house as Munoz can be heard shouting from inside.

Munoz then emerges while brandishing the knife, and the officer is heard and seen firing his weapon. The 27-year-old falls to the ground.

After the shooting, crowds gathered to protest in front of a police station. Some in the crowd damaged a police vehicle and others threw bricks.

Officers use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

Gee, I wonder why the protesters were mad?

Maybe it was because this racist cop murdered an unarmed child.

This is a country where a black child can’t lunge at a cop with a knife without fearing for his life.

These are our children out there these racist white bastards are killing.

We have to abolish the police, in the name of protecting our children from the hateful violence of racist police.

The good news for those who care about justice is this: the protests keep getting bigger.

Black people today refuse to cower in fear.

They are standing up for the community, and fighting for their lives.