Penis Picture Discovered in (((Netflix))) Children’s Show Maya the Bee

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2017

Are Jews using seemingly harmless TV shows to subliminally plant sexual imagery in our children’s heads?

When I was a kid in the 90s there was a bit of a moral panic, similar to the backward masking controversy of the 80s, over alleged hidden sexual imagery in Disney animation films.

I could never decide whether this was just the paranoia of pious Christians or if there was something to it.

The debate over it in general has always been pretty interesting to me, because there is some compelling evidence behind it.

Penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid?

Does this Priest in The Little Mermaid have an erection?

Sex in the sky of The Lion King?

Well, that’s definitely Jessica rabbit’s snatch. And don’t lie – you’d hit that.

Not a lot of ambiguity here either. Those are definitely actual titties in the window of The Rescuers.

Nevertheless, aside from Jessica Rabbit’s snatch – which I always just took as a funny troll – a part of me always said “this is just too weird – it can’t be.”

That part of me died when I learned about Jews.

There is nothing too low for the Jews, and I mean that with no exaggeration.

It appears the rotten bastards have gotten caught doing this again.

The Sun:

A FURIOUS mum has warned other parents to check what their kids are watching on TV after claiming to find a rude drawing in a cartoon.

Chey Robinson took to Facebook where she shared a clip of the Netflix show Maya the Bee, which she says features a phallic image.

The scene in question comes from the 35th episode in the first series of the TV program and shows the lead character hiding under a log trying to escape from bad guys.

But the background appears to show a certain part of the male anatomy, which she says is inappropriate for children.

After taking a screenshot of the clip, she wrote on Facebook: “Smh. Please be mindful of what your kids are watching!!

“I did NOT edit any images whatsoever, this is Maya & The Bee, Season 1, Episode 35.”

Since posting the warning last week, it has been shared more almost 13,000 times and has over 3,000 comments.

Real nice, Jews.

This is your typical Jew, they’re all sick in the head and think about perverted crap nonstop:

The most disturbing part of all of this is that after learning about what the Jews are up to, subliminal sexual imagery isn’t even close to being the worst thing they are pumping into our children’s heads!

nb4 “how do you know Jews are behind this?”: anything you see on your television screen is de facto Jewish, period. This goes for music on any major record label as well – just ask my nigga Gucci Mane. In fact, basically anything you don’t seek out on your own or look up on the internet is either Jewish approved, put through a Jewish filter, or made directly by Jews. This is why you need to support Jew-free outlets like the Daily Stormer!