Pelosi Lashes Out at Trump for Banning Precious and Useful Nigerians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 2, 2020

Nancy Pelosi and her Jews have the bravery to stand up and say “America needs billions of Africans.”

If there’s one thing all Americans can agree on, it’s that we need a whole helluva lot more Nigerians in America. We all know that our prosperity as a nation is tied to the number of Nigerians living in our nation. This is basic math: the more Nigerians, the better your country, the fewer Nigerians, the worse.

But there is one single American who disagrees: the racist bigot Donald Trump.

He must be stopped.

Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of a number of top Democrats to rip into President Trump’s decision to expand the travel ban to include six more countries on Friday — with Pelosi describing it as “discrimination disguised as policy.”

“The Trump administration’s expansion of its outrageous, un-American travel ban threatens our security, our values and the rule of law,” she said in a statement. “The sweeping rule, barring more than 350 million individuals from predominantly African nations from traveling to the United States, is discrimination disguised as policy.”

The Trump administration is expanding restrictions to include Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Tanzania and Sudan. Those are added to the current seven countries already included in the ban: Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen.

America has no culture, so we must import those with true cultures.

The initial ban was branded by critics as a “Muslim ban,” noting that President Trump had promised such a ban during his campaign and that the initial countries (which did not include North Korea and Venezuela, but did include Chad) were Muslim-majority countries.

But after multiple court challenges, the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality in 2018.

For Burma, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan and Nigeria, the restrictions will apply to immigrant visas — for those seeking to live or work in the U.S. permanently. For Sudan and Tanzania, the restrictions are being placed on diversity visas — that come from the controversial diversity lottery program that grants visas to prospective immigrants randomly each year.

Good Lord.


The Sudan, even!

White women will learn modesty from these blacks.

We need more of these people here, and we need them here quickly. We need them to permanently reside among us, or we are simply doomed.

There is no future for America unless it has an extreme permanent presence of Nigerians, Eritreans and the Sudanese.

Only a man blinded by hatred could ever fail to recognize the necessity of these blacks.

Super Bowl ratings are way down. We need blacks to bring us their interesting sports.

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