Pelosi Says Omar has ESL Problem: “I Think She has a Different Experience in the Use of Words”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 9, 2019

Nancy Pelosi defended Ilhan Omar at the Economic Club in Washington, DC on Friday, claiming that she didn’t know the meaning of her words, implying it was an issue of English as a Second Language.

I think Nancy Pelosi must have a different experience in the use of words, because “I think she has a different experience in the use of words” is a really bizarre sentence.

Let’s remember that Ilhan hasn’t said many words. The initial tweet that sent everyone insane was literally simply “AIPAC!” which is only one word. An acronym, in fact, for “American-Israel Public Action Committee.” And I think she definitely knows what that word means.

Through all of this, I don’t even think Ilhan has used the word “Jew.” It’s all been just talking about Israel. So I’m not sure which words she didn’t experience properly.

The entire thing that Ilhan said which was supposed to be anti-Semitic was that the Israeli Lobby lobbies for Israel. And there is definitely no confusion about the fact that this is what she said and this is what she meant.

What appears to be going on here is that Nancy believes that she’s reached some kind of agreement with Ilhan and they’re now going to move past this.

But do you think Ilhan is going to stop talking about Jews?

As Nancy was doing this event, Ilhan was telling Politico that Obama was warmonger who was as bad as George Bush and that “hope and change” was bullshit.

Whatever she told Nancy, she isn’t going to stop talking about the Jew menace until every last one is dead and we decide to stop talking about them in order to erase the memory of them from human history.

And when the last Jew’s throat is slit, I will crawl across the bodies to bow at the feet of the Sultana.