Pelosi Demands Her Party’s Base Abandon Their Communist Beliefs to Beat Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2019

Nancy Pelosi has spent her entire career pushing far-left radicalism. But there was never anyone to hold her to her promises, just like we have no one to hold Donald Trump to his far-right promises.

Now, however, there are all these Democrat politicians who actually want to enact the policies she’s shilled for, and she’s losing it.

This isn’t about beating Trump. Bernie is more likely to beat Trump than Biden. This is about the fact that the old Democrat leadership is totally losing control of its own party as Brown Communism is ascendant.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is concerned President Donald Trump will not voluntarily step down unless Democrats win by a “big” enough margin in 2020 that he doesn’t contest the results, the New York Times reported Saturday.

In an interview with the newspaper this week, the Democratic leader expressed worry over a scenario where Trump would not accept the election results if he were to lose re-election by a slim margin, the Times reported.

“We have to inoculate against that, we have to be prepared for that,” Pelosi told the newspaper Wednesday.

Pelosi told the Times she had worried that Trump would “poison the public mind” and “challenge each of the races” if Democrats didn’t win by an overwhelming majority in 2018.

Democrats picked up a net gain of 40 seats in the 2018 midterms — the largest Democratic House gain since 1974.

“We had to win. Imagine if we hadn’t won — oh, don’t even imagine. So, as we go forward, we have to have the same approach,” Pelosi said to the Times.


And they won on a completely radical, lunatic platform. That is what is popular.

Granted, they don’t presently have the whole Russia hoax to campaign on, but it doesn’t really even matter. No one believed in that anyway, it was just a way to attack Trump.

The Democrats are about to enter into a civil war scenario. It’s really already begun, but it is going to get a lot more outrageous.

Bernie is the single figure in their party that has any hope of unifying the disparate factions. And the last thing that people like Pelosi want is Bernie becoming president.

They are going to push Biden really hard, he is eventually going to implode, then all of his money and support will go to Kamala. Beto is just too terrible of a candidate to be anything close to viable.

Kamala is actually horrible, because she is not only a corporate shill Democrat of the Pelosi sort, but also extremely offensive to the white working class that they lost to Trump.

It’s incredible that they haven’t been capable of figuring out a more plausible centrist candidate. You’d think that after Hillary, they’d come up with something better than Biden and Kamala.

If they try to force through Biden or Kamala, their base is going to revolt, and there is a real chance of a third party run of some extreme progressive, which means Trump wins.

It’s really getting nutty, kids.

Unless Trump either:

  1. Fires Jared Kushner, or
  2. Passes FCC regulations ensuring free speech online

I’m going to support Bernie Sanders for free money and total societal collapse.