Pelosi Confirms She Plans to Remain Speaker of the House for All Eternity – And Beyond!

Even with Generation X now beginning to enter into their 60s, Baby Boomers are making it clear that they will never relinquish control.

When zoomers get to be 60, there will be 130-year-old cyborg boomers running everything.


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that she would seek another term as Speaker of the US House of Representatives if the Democrats keep their majority in the chamber after the November election.

“Yes I am,” Pelosi told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” when asked if she would seek the speakership again, and then added, “Let me also say we have to win the Senate.”

The California Democrat made history as the first woman Speaker of the House in 2007 where she remained in the speakership until 2011 when Republicans gained control of the House. She was reelected House Speaker in 2019 after Democrats regained control after the 2018 midterm election.

Pelosi on Sunday also addressed the current status of coronavirus stimulus negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the White House’s chief negotiator. While chances of the House passing a bill before Election Day appear slim, Pelosi told Tapper she never gives up hope. The proposed language on coronavirus testing remains a sticking point in talks, she said.

See – everyone knows that this entire coronavirus hoax is predicated on mass testing.

The single way that the Chinese solved the coronavirus – which they completely and totally solved, by the way – was to stop testing.

We don’t know if the testing even works. We have no idea what is going on with it. What we know is that no extra people are dying who wouldn’t be expected to die this year, meaning if coronavirus is killing people, it is killing people who would have died from something else.