Pegida Plans Pan-European Grand Assembly, Vows Revenge Against Ficki Ficki Hordes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2016


Some people say Pegida is way too soft. And I agree with those people.

But I would also argue that many of those involved are hardcore persons, just waiting for the opportunity to get more hardcore.

Cologne seems to have presented them with just such an opportunity.

Let’s hope they seize it.


Representatives of Europe’s anti-Islamization movement are preparing to meet in Prague on Saturday to plan a pan-European demonstration, and decide on a united response to the New Year’s assaults in Cologne.

Germany’s Pegida and other allied movements have stated that they will conduct a grand assembly in Prague, where representatives of the movement from groups across the continent will meet.

The chairman of the Czech parliamentary faction Usvit, Marek Cernoch, told Sputnik Czech Republic that the meeting will be held to discuss the details of a —pan-European demonstration. The group will also decide on what steps must be taken to prevent incidents like the mass sexual assaults in Cologne from repeating elsewhere in Germany.

The “steps” are not complicated.

In fact, there is only one step:

Remove kebab.

We will demand the strictest measures against migrants, we want to defend our women and children, all Europeans from them!” Cernoch told Sputnik.

That is certainly the right attitude.

And Cologne gave you the momentum.

Cernoch also outlined the movement’s discontent with the way issues such as the Cologne sexual attacks are treated by European Union politicians and media.

“What do we see? Recently, Brussels’ diplomatic head Morgherini visited Prague. And we heard, that the mass violence in Cologne was not an emergency, ‘things like that happen all the time’ <…> German and European media in fact belittle the tragedy of actions committed by visiting vandals,” Cernoch told Sputnik.


But to be fair, things like that do happen all the time.

In Arab countries.


And Europe is now an Arab country.

Cernoch also criticized the EU’s pressure against the Czech Republic for rejecting its quota system.

The Czech Republic has been criticized for refusing a strange system of mandatory quotas. And why, [when] we are a sovereign state, must we obey the will of the large EU countries? In short, while there is no single law for all, the chaos will continue. Pegida [is for its] strong termination. Otherwise, we will drown in millions of refugees carrying terror, radical Islam and a culture alien to Europeans,” Cernoch told Sputnik.

To be fair, you should have thought of that before you joined the EU.

But I’m rooting for you guys.

I sincerely hope that Pegida can rise to the present challenge, and be a voice for the White European people.