Pegida Founder Charged with Doing Hatred in These Tubes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2015

Lutz Bachmann: Pegida founder and obvious thought criminal.
Lutz Bachmann: Pegida founder and obvious thought criminal.

This is what you call “making an example of someone.”

The Local:

Lutz Bachmann, founder of Pegida (“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”) has been charged by state prosecutors in Dresden with incitement to racial hatred.

The charges by state prosecutors in Dresden go back to anti-immigration Facebook posts made by Bachmann in autumn 2014, which surfaced on the public internet in January.

Prosecutors say that by calling foreigners “livestock”, “junk”, and “scum”, the former public relations consultant had willingly risked causing disturbances of the peace.

Because never forget: by voicing an opinion, you can control the actions of other people.

The local criminal court in the Saxon capital must now decide whether the charges will proceed to a full trial and set a date.

Bachmann has several convictions for drugs and property crimes and has served multiple stints in prison.

Prosecutors are investigating him over further allegations of incitement to hatred, after he said at a demonstration on Monday that all asylum seekers were criminals.

Bachmann’s recent Facebook posts are also under investigation.


Just calling them “criminals” is now a crime in Germany.

Does Merkel really think that in the age of the internet, this type of Soviet-style shutting it down can possibly be effective? That the backlash won’t be much worse than if she had just allowed people to speak while using the entire media to accuse them of being Nazi haters?

How is it that we here at the Daily Stormer are more capable of recognizing obvious facts than all of these world leaders?

Hubris, I guess?