“Pedophiles are the New Jews”

Daily Stormer
October 25, 2016

And just like Jews, pedophiles abuse our children.

Welcome to the 21st century, goyim.

This is the time when we break all your bigoted, outdated taboos.

Remember when we convinced you that your hatreds for homosexuals and trannies was wrong?

Well, guess what? Yep. It’s about time to get ride of one more irrational hatred.

That’s right, human rights are universal, and this new wave of activists will make sure pedophiles are made just as equal as the homos, Jews and… I guess… those damned “heterosexual white males.”

No, but seriously, these sick people are pushing for this “pedophilia acceptance” hard now. And guess what? They’re using exactly the same language as the rest of the left.

Our Love Frontier:

First and foremost, what I advocate is mutual respect and understanding…What I promote, is clear communication, ending censorship, learning about the unfamiliar, personal self worth, plus social and mental health…amongst other things.

I write [and record], to make people think…learn…and understand things from different perspectives.

I do not believe in absolutes…no absolute good…no absolute evil…all things have a variety of complexities about, and within, them…Often, how we interpret something, is a matter of opinion…sometimes based upon experience and objectivity…sometimes not.

I am interested, in establishing an ethos…as someone understood to be a humanist, pedosexual BoyLover.

While the people in charge of these online advocacy groups tend to mask their identities, the people following and commenting on their materials aren’t so careful.

So while you can always troll their twitter, YouTube and blog comments section, why not give them a taste of their own medicine?

Find their names, and destroy them, just like they do with right-wing activists.


How bold to use your real name to promote pedophilia, bro. Very admirable…


Oh, you’ve been bad, haven’t you…


Would be a shame if your employer got a wiff of that Facebook profile

This is easy. Just look at their videos and twitters, and look at who’s supporting them and using their real names.



Another Facebook found…

And what about the people following this “Anti-pedophobe Aktion” twitter account?


Huh… so much knowledge at our fingertips… 

This is a pit of the most revolting degeneracy. Click here to go to their “followers” page.


So progressive…

This evil must be purged.

These people are easy to find, just clicking around.

Report them to their employers or their trade unions. Contact business associates with this information, and explain how disgusted you are that they would do business with pedophiles. If you live in their area, have friendly debates about the merits of pedophilia.

The heavens are screaming for punishment, and you can be the instrument for divine justice, if only you allow yourself to be.