Pope Faggot Refuses to Take Christmas Off; Begs Whites to Let in More Animals

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

Will no one rid us of this turbulent Pope?


In his yearly Christmas message, Pope Francis urged the world to celebrate differences among people as a source of enrichment rather than a liability.

“Our differences,” the pope told the 50,000 people gathered in Saint Peter’s Square for his Urbi et Orbi blessing, “are not a detriment or a danger; they are a source of richness. As when an artist is about to make a mosaic: it is better to have tiles of many colours available, rather than just a few!”

“The experience of families teaches us this,” he said, “as brothers and sisters, we are all different from each other. We do not always agree, but there is an unbreakable bond uniting us, and the love of our parents helps us to love one another.”

Your race is your extended family. Racial aliens are not.

Christianity preaches love for your neighbors. And no Christian should ever be forced to have niggers as neighbors.

In his message, the pope said that the universal message of Christmas is “that God is a good Father and we are all brothers and sisters.”

“This truth is the basis of the Christian vision of humanity,” he said. “Without the fraternity that Jesus Christ has bestowed on us, our efforts for a more just world fall short, and even our best plans and projects risk being soulless and empty.”

The pope said that a spirit of universal brotherhood or “fraternity” is his wish for the world this Christmas, and then went on to suggest enumerate areas where this fraternity is especially needed:

– Fraternity among individuals of every nation and culture.

– Fraternity among people with different ideas.

– Fraternity among persons of different religions.

By becoming man, “the Son of God tells us that salvation comes through love, acceptance, respect for this poor humanity of ours, which we all share in a great variety of races, languages, and cultures,” he said.

Akshully the Church originally was built on the concept of national churches. 

The nation was supposed to be the building block of the Church. In other words, national Churches used to be part of official Church doctrine. That was how Christianity was supposed to be structured. The nation being the stone upon which it was all supposed to be built.

I confess I don’t know as much about the doctrine of the Catholic Church, which seems to have gone the universal route, but you can look for yourself at the nature of Orthodox Churches, which have preserved the original practice.

There are different churches for different nations to this day.

All of them in brotherhood and communion, yes. Some churches more equal than others, even – like the one in Moscow – but still, a confederation of Churches, each with their own national distinctions.

Christianity is not incompatible with nationalism. This talk of compassion, self-sacrifice, turning the cheek and all that makes perfect sense when it applies to people who are your extended kin.

Imagine a medieval village setting.

Two families begin to dominate the politics of the community. They begin to resent one another and are close to spilling blood over who stole who’s goat or who dissed who’s mother.

Like a clan Battle Born vs clan Gray Mane situation.

And then you have a village priest, urging the two sides to bury the axe, come together, forgive the slights and remember that they have more in common with one another than not. That same priest would have urged them to direct their bloodthirst towards the infidels trying to ban worship of Talos – I mean Jesus in Skyrim – I mean Europe.

Makes a lot more sense in this context, no?

The Pope and modern cucked Christians are ignoring centuries of precedent here and reinterpreting a two millennia-old religion that never had any trouble defending itself until quite recently.

Remember: you can twist words any way that you want to get them to support your twisted, Talmudic view of the world. 

Especially if they’re written in archaic language that the masses can’t understand that well anymore. And super-especially if you’re quite good at verbal trickery.

Which is why Tradition is so important. Instead of reinventing the wheel, or reinterpreting the same texts and the tenets of the faith anew every single time someone cracks open the Bible for the first time, you instead rely on centuries of established practice.

That way, some pedo Pope can’t just come along and point to a passage where Jesus was nice to some poor guy and say that it is proof that Europe has to let in millions of Arabs every single year ad infinitum. As a counter to that point, Christians could simply say, “we used to explicitly do the complete opposite of that for thousands of years, so sorry we’re not going to do that. We’re sticking to our established traditions of not letting Moslems in. Now get on the cross, Apostate!”

But hey, why do I have to be the one to defend the Christians so much?

Can’t they start defending themselves already?

No one likes a weak horse and no one likes these new cuck Christians. Y’all need to get your shit together.

Christ, where did all the Christian soldiers go?