Pedo Pope KNEW About Child-Raping Priests, Kept Quiet About It

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2018

One of the worst secrets of the Catholic church is just how many child-diddlers are in its ranks.


Pope Francis is under fire for his handling of a clerical sexual abuse scandal. A report has emerged saying the pontiff was handed a letter from a Chilean abuse victim detailing his ordeal and a cover-up of alleged crimes.

In the letter, seen by AP, Juan Carlos Cruz says he is a victim of cleric Fernando Karadima’s abuse in the 1980s, detailing the kissing and fondling he claims to have suffered.

Additionally, Cruz accuses Karadima’s fellow priest Juan Barros (whom Francis appointed to lead the Diocese of Osorno in 2015) of witnessing the horrific, humiliating abuse and ignoring it. Bishop Barros has repeatedly denied witnessing the abuse or covering it up.

Cruz alleged in his letter that Barros himself would be fondled by Karadima, once a prominent Chilean cleric who was sanctioned by the Vatican in 2011 for abusing minors and ordered to live a life of prayer and penance. He recalled how Karadima would kiss Barros and fondle his genitals, and then do the same with younger priests and boys. Cruz claimed that young priests and seminarians would fight to sit next to Karadima to be fondled as well. 

Think about it, would you give up on women for the rest of your life to “serve God?”

No, and I doubt any modern normal red-blooded man would.

The clergy has become a cover for gay men that don’t want to fake marry a woman and not raise questions about their sexuality.

It’s also why the US government and DC is so full of fags. The Church and gubmint service used to be the only two acceptable professions where men could be “married to their job,” and not have to marry a woman to remain in polite society.

Now that the great Unraveling is upon us, we are learning many secrets about the child-raping priests and politicians.

But before you think I am bashing the Catholics, I should point out that it wasn’t always this bad. The Church used to be more nudge nudge, wink wink about sex back in the old days.

You were supposed to abstain…but if you fucked up, you asked for forgiveness and God would forgive you because we are all Fallen and living in a world of sin, so say sorry and hail Mary three times and get back on the horse.

It was a good system

But even back then, even Chaucer  – who was writing about Middle Ages England – hints at gays hiding in the clergy in the Canterbury Tales.

The Pardoner’s Tale:

With hym ther rood a gentil Pardoner
Of Rouncivale, his freend and his compeer,
That streight was comen fro the court of Rome.
Ful loude he soong “Com hider, love, to me!”
This Somonour bar to hym a stif burdoun …
A voys he hadde as smal as hath a goot.
No berd hadde he, ne nevere sholde have;
As smothe it was as it were late shave.
I trowe he were a geldyng or a mare. 

Basically Chaucer hints that the church guy who goes around preaching about sin and selling fake relics/indulgences is a homosexual.

A quick PSA

Try reading the medieval classics. Our ancestors were red-pilled on a lot of topics. This is ancient knowledge. Chaucer even talks about Jewish ritual murder of Christian children, proto-Feminism, corruption and all sorts of shit that just wouldn’t fly in today’s society.

But the Great Men always knew these red-pill truths, and they hid them in their literature for us to find them and be comforted in the knowledge that we aren’t alone in our beliefs.


So the problem was around even then, although probably to a much lesser degree. In general, Europeans were much less forgiving and priests were occasionally killed if they overstepped their authority from time to time.

In my personal opinion, Christianity was at its best when it was a mix of native European paganism and Greek logos-based Theology.

It kept the virility of the old ways, but clamped down on the worst of the superstitious witch-doctory and in general, helped uplift the European peoples.

Nowadays though, no one can say that the Church – either Protestant or Catholic – is taking care of the European peoples.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed. I can only sympathize with the hardcore faithful. An anti-White, Marxist, pedo is sitting in the papal seat and ruining a once great religion. These are trying times for any White man, faithful or not.