Peak Smartphone: iPhone 7 Won’t Have Any Relevant New Features

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2016

iphone 7_0

Short of like, being able to shoot laser-beams or teleport you, there isn’t really much than can be added to the iPhone at this point. I think 6 pretty much represented the peak. The 6s didn’t really have any new features over the 6 – a screen sensitive to hard-pressing, which is a useless gimmick. I think that was all they added.

This time they’ve got a better camera, but as no one prints pictures anymore, it isn’t really worth anything. The camera has peaked as well, no one is going to notice a difference.

The Telegraph:

Apple will attempt to reboot sales of the iPhone this week after an unprecedented recent decline that has left the tech giant grappling with falling revenue for the first time in over a decade.

The company is seeking to entice consumers with a new version of the popular device that features a high-powered camera as its key selling point amid fears that the smartphone market has reached saturation.

The iPhone 7 is unlikely to come with the radical design changes that have defined the handset since Steve Jobs shook up the telecoms world with the first model almost a decade ago.

Instead, Apple will make several tweaks to the phone that it hopes will maintain the company’s reputation for invention when it is unveiled in San Francisco on Wednesday, less than one week after a long-running tax row with Brussels erupted into a public war of words after the European Commission ordered Ireland to recoup €13bn (£11bn) in taxes from the company.

Apple, which last month marked five years since chief executive Tim Cook replaced Mr Jobs, is struggling to stem the rare slide in revenue, with the sale of new products such as last year’s Apple Watch. Its share price has fallen by a fifth since its peak in 2015.

The iPhone 7 is expected to include a new “dual-lens” camera system capable of taking photographs that can rival those of high-end cameras, and the removal of the traditional headphone port in favour of wireless headphones.

The company is aiming to encourage regular upgrades of its phones as well as focus on making more from the more than one billion devices running its software by selling services such as music subscriptions and online storage as well as peripherals such as the Apple Watch and headphones.

“I think you’ll see more focus on the software and services; they need to take their loyal user base and drive revenue in different places,” said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

Mr Wood said that Wednesday’s event could include a heavy focus on music, with the removal of the headphone jack – a staple of the iPhone since it was first launched – being used as an opportunity to sell higher-margin headphones and a more expensive high-quality version of its Apple Music streaming service.

That’s another gimmick that really removes functionality. Bluetooth headphones are good for the gym or other exercises, but you have to charge them and it is difficult to keep track of they need charged, because at least at this point, they don’t usually have an LCD screen with a power bar.

The business model of “buy a new one every year” appears to be coming to a close.

It’s too bad. Apple was one of the last American companies. But only fanatics are going to cough-up a thousand dollars on this new model. Even people who still have the 5 will probably just by the 6 when its price drops on the release of 7 (I do think there was a pretty significant quality and functionality increase between 5 and 6).

This guy says there are 12 reasons to buy it.

I think he is being paid by Apple.