Peacenik Donald “Drop Acid Not Bombs” Trump and Filthy Hippie Rand Paul Defend Flower-Child Anti-War Agenda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

Unshockingly, the peacenik Donald Trump has quoted the stinking sandal-wearing hippie Rand Paul in support of his sickening flower-child anti-war agenda.

The flower-person Donald Trump has officially ended US involvement in the extremely important endless war in Syria. It is officially time for the American people to rise up and overthrow this love-in tyrant, and install a leader who understands the necessity of ousting Assad, destroying Assad’s enemies, and protecting the Kurds from Assad and his enemies, in order to ensure freedom.

Democrat protesters outside the White House on Monday told Donald “Give Peace a Chance” Trump to move to Canada if he doesn’t like war.

Although all wars are important, in order to maintain global democracy, the war in Syria is fundamentally the most important war the US has ever fought because it is the first war where a foreign power intervened to fight both sides.

The brave wartime President Barack Hussein Obama demonstrated the greatest courage and bravery when he bravely declared: “thousands of miles away in a third world country you’ve maybe never heard of called ‘Syria,’ a terrorist group called ISIS has arisen to fight the country’s president, Bashir Assad. I am sending in American troops to defeat both ISIS and Assad, because of freedom – and for democracy and human rights.”

Trump’s “MAGA” hippie peace brigade will never understand the true value of freedom. The FBI needs to move in and arrest these Trump supporters for burning their draft cards. 

That is true leadership. The kind America needs now and is not getting from the blossoming orange flower Donald Trump, who is an anti-war dictator, hellbent on denying freedom to the Middle East.

It’s time for a real leader, one who understands the necessity of freedom and democracy.

It’s time to impeach Donald “Drop Acid Not Bombs” Trump for ending the Syrian war.

Trump hippies claim “love is all you need” – but what you truly need is democracy in the Middle East.

Instead of taking trips on LSD, the MAGA crowd needs to take a trip to the Middle East to fight for democracy. We need a Democrat president who is willing to take a stand for war and institute the draft.

We also have to fight a war against Russia because of democracy in the Ukraine.

MAGA hippies will never understand that freedom isn’t free – you have to pay for it in blood.