PDX Stormers March Through Vancouver, Washington!

Daily Stormer
July 23, 2018

On the same day that Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group and the Proud Boys had their running street battle with antifa on the streets of Portland, the Portland, Oregon chapter of Stormer Book Club, PDX Stormers, hit the streets of Vancouver, Washington to represent SBC and spread the good news of American Nationalism!

They knew that antifa would be busy with Gibson’s march, so they took the opportunity to march in a nearby town, thus cucking antifa and giving them the opportunity to have positive public interactions without a bunch of smelly tranny dope addict commies screaming and trying to hurt people.

They started their event by marching right down Main Street with an “It’s Okay to be White” banner, and within minutes people were approaching them, asking them to pose for pictures and having friendly conversations. While a few of them seemed to be sullen leftists, the majority of these people were just curious normies who seemed to react positively and support what they were doing.

As they made their way down Main St., they began to pass restaurants full of families having lunch. The kids seemed really excited to see these well dressed fashy goys with their American flags, the parents…not so much. Many of the parents actually seemed quite angry, which is to be expected in this area. At one point a car full of beaners (why are there beaners in Washington State???) and a car with some SWPL white guy drove by and yelled “Fuck America!” and “Fuck White people!

H8rs gonna h8, amirite?

They had a positive encounter with a large White family in an SUV, who were curious as to what they were doing, and why. They explained to them that they were just spreading the message that it is indeed okay to be White, and that they were trying to raise White racial awareness. They were asked why they wore masks, and they explained the consequences of pro-White activism, and that they just wanted to be able to express their opinions and exercise their 1st Amendment rights without being fired from their jobs, kicked out of college, and subjected to communist terror campaigns in their own homes.

The family really seemed to click with the idea that these young men were being persecuted for holding to political and social ideals that differed from the mainstream narrative. It was a great moment, the kind that makes a whole action like this worth doing.

Who knows, they may have created a few future patriotic American Stormers that day!

Somewhere along the way, they snatched a very un-American sign from antifa.

How dare these communist faggots malign Glorious Leader?

PDX Stormers displaying their trophy from a rooftop!

From there, they marched to the freeway and hung their “It’s Okay to be White” banner on the overpass. They stood on the bridge for about half an hour, waving their American flags and just all around looking sharp! They got lots of friendly honks and waves, very few middle fingers.

Then they marched around town and got some pics at a gazebo and a historic cannon.

At this point, their intel officer informed them that 40 plus antifa were swarming Main Street, so they just made their way back to their meetup zone and dispersed.

Think about that. These men being there drew over 40 antifa away from the Patriot Prayer/Proud Boys march. That’s a sizable force, and could well have made all the difference in how the Portland March turned out.

Joey Gibson and Gavin McInnes both owe these men a debt of gratitude and a public attaboy for their strategic help, but I’m not holding my breath!

If you’re a White Man of Good Character who is at least 18 years old, and you want to know more about Stormer Book Club, email stormerbookclubs@airmail.cc!