Paying for Dead Migrants: America Does Corpse Storage, Autopsies, and Identification

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2020

American taxpayers aren’t just getting terribly abused by living “asylum” seekers — dead ones are also draining their pockets.


One Texas border county medical examiner’s office faces the overwhelming task of storing, autopsying, and identifying the remains of migrants who die while or after crossing into the U.S. The office serves a 12-county area and processes more than half of all migrant deaths in Texas.

Webb County Medical Examiner Dr. Corinne Stern told Breitbart News on New Year’s Day that her office processed the remains of a record 171 deceased migrants. She said this is the highest number she has ever witnessed on the job. The number of deaths along the entire Texas-Mexico border during 2019 exceeded 220.

During an interview late last year with Breitbart News Tonight, Dr. Stern said her facilities are packed beyond capacity.

A large part of my responsibility is to recover and identify border crossers — those migrants who die in their attempts to cross the border between Mexico and the United States,” Dr. Stern told Breitbart’s Alex Marlow and Brandon Darby. “We are in dire need of space. We have two portable morgue units that are on loan to us from the Laredo City Health Department — they are full. We also have a large one from the State.”

“We have [the migrants] tripled on each table,” she explained. Dr. Stern said they were forced to remove the gurneys from her two large coolers. “We didn’t have enough space so we put them on the floor.”

Dr. Stern said she witnessed more migrant deaths during 2019 than any other year she has served as medical examiner. As of the date of the interview, Stern processed the remains of more than 155 decedents.

One may ask why it is the responsibility of Americans to take care of the corpses of freeloaders that invaded their territory.

The answer to that is that taking care of migrants — dead or alive — is who we are.

That’s also the reason why we can’t just sweep the corpses to the other side of the border.

Our Values as a Democracy state that foreigners have a Human Right to force the American taxpayer to spend money on the processing of asylum claims, on medical attention, food and shelter for living invaders, and on processing the corpses of dead invaders.

Dr. Stern said Maverick County experienced an unprecedented number of drownings this year.

They’re getting an inordinate amount of drownings because of the caravan of Hondurans,” Stern stated. “They came up through Piedras Negras. They’re all sitting there on the border. Some of them have applied for asylum and they’re given a court date.”

She said they get impatient and get tired of waiting so they try to cross the river. “They’ll jump in the river and try and come across themselves.”

“Recently, within the past few months, I had a mother and her one-year-old son — they came up to the border in Val Verde County,” Dr. Stern recalled. “They applied for asylum. They were given a court date. They went back to wait [in Mexico]. Mom didn’t want to wait. [She] paid a coyote to bring them across and they both drowned. They ended up on my autopsy table.”

If we want to be truly Democratic, we have to build a massive bridge for them to cross that river.

In fact, we should just go ahead and build something like a highway bridge for migrants to safely cross from Mexico to Texas.

That would have prevented the death of this woman.


First responders in Brooks County, Texas, attempted to revive a Mexican migrant woman who apparently suffered a heart attack after being abandoned by cartel-connected human smugglers. The woman did not respond to CPR or other techniques and died at the scene.

We cannot allow more of these valuable Mordorlings to die due to our inaction.

If we want them to save our economy with the next-generation economic skills that they’ve used to make their own countries great, we have to ensure their safe crossing.