Paul Skallas Falsely Claims That Nightclubs are Deep Lindy

Paul Skallas: Lindyman or Lindy fraud?

Last week, The New York Times did a profile on Paul Skallas for some reason. The Times falsely claimed to be using the interview as an opportunity to reveal the philosophy of Lindy.

For anyone who has been living under a bridge for the last decade: Lindy philosophy is the belief that if something has been around for a long time, it is likely to be around for a lot longer, and thus it is safer to indulge in things that have been around a long time.

Once again, Skallas falsely represented the true nature of Lindy, going so far as to claim that modern nightclubs are deep Lindy.

The Times actually included an image of a bunch of skanks at a nightclub, saying that this is Lindy.

This is a complete deception, with the slut image really taking it to the next level.

Sure, there would have been clubs for men to go at night and drink alcohol with women, going back to ancient times.

A whole lot has changed.

Firstly, there would be no electronic music drowning out conversation. Electronic speakers blasting music at people is not remotely Lindy, at all, and it is the defining feature of a modern nightclub. This fact alone makes it impossible to call a nightclub, as we currently think of it, Lindy.

Secondly, there would either be no women in the club at all, or they would be women who were for sale for cash (or coins, depending on the currency of the time). The second most defining feature of the modern nightclub is that men go there to try to charm women into having sex with them. This concept of hookers that do not accept money, and instead demand to be charmed, is not the least bit Lindy.

Men going in a room defined by loud music and surrendering themselves to women, putting on a performance for women in order to beg them for sex, is probably the single most non-Lindy thing I have ever heard of in my life. This is entirely a creation of the female liberation project.

The female liberation project is not only not Lindy, it clearly has no chance of ever becoming Lindy, as it is destined to totally fail, completely. It is obvious that it will fail.

What is Lindy is men being in control of women, and the modern nightclub is women in control of men. It is a church of vagina worship.

Maybe Skallas was misquoted by the Jewish New York Times? I cannot say. But he isn’t saying that. I just checked his Twitter feed.

Skallas is pretty good on Lindy generally, but claiming that nightclubs are Lindy is a real poison pill, which makes me wonder if Skallas is not a shill sent to derail the Lindy movement.

Skallas must retract this statement and admit that the only sex norms that are Lindy are traditional patriarchal sex norms, that nightclubs should only have non-electronic music, and that the only woman that should be allowed in a nightclub are pay-to-play hookers.