Pro-ISIS Traitor Paul Ryan Says Russia is a Menacing Menace

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2017

The amount of signaling going on is threatening to completely overload the entire system, let me tell you what.

USA Today:

House Speaker Paul Ryan called Russia a “global menace led by a man who is menacing,” once more underscoring the divide over Russia between President-elect Donald Trump and some lawmakers in his own party.

Appearing at a CNN Town Hall Thursday night, Ryan fielded questions from moderator Jake Tapper and audience members on health care, immigration, trade, foreign policy and even Trump’s Twitter habits.

The speaker reiterated his view that Russia “tried to affect our elections by meddling in our elections … there is no place for that.” He said sanctions were called for, and accused the Obama administration of not standing up to Russia over the past eight years, saying it followed “too much of an appeasement policy.”

While Trump has called for a closer relationship with Russia, Ryan said, “The Russians are up to no good, we all know that.”

We all know that?

We all know what?

If we just put the Wikileaks conspiracy theories aside for a minute – what did they do? I honestly still don’t understand what we are even talking about here, and I think most of the American people are in the same boat.

We’re condemning them for fighting ISIS? Or bombing Chechnya in 1999? Or… what, exactly?

Is it the gay rights thing?

During his Town Hall, the cucked out little faggot Ryan also counter-signaled Trump on immigration, telling some greasy spic he wants to keep her in the country.

And that there will be no deportation force…!

On immigration, Ryan was confronted by an undocumented immigrant and mother from Oklahoma who was brought to this country as a child. She said her daughter would lose her mother if Republicans repeal protections from deportation put in place by President Obama.

“Do you think I should be deported?” she asked.

Ryan told her, “No,” — that, “I can see that you love your daughter and you’re a nice person who has a great future ahead of you, and I hope your future’s here.”

He said there would be no mass-deportation force and that the focus would be on deporting illegal immigrants who are repeating and violent offenders.

Ryan said generally of Trump: “We don’t all agree on everything. I think people kind of know that.”

You didn’t win the Presidency, Ryan. And people hate you.

Trump is the one with the mandate, and the mandate involves: peace with Russia and removing all of these sickening brown people from our country.

It is simply astonishing to see this cuckold up there attacking Trump, still. It just goes to show – he is 100% bought and paid for by kikes and other special interests. All things being equal, if he were just a random politician, he would go along to get along with the popular agenda, instead of attacking the people and their Leader.

Paul Ryan is the same filthy sonovabitch who told us we had to bring Syrian ISIS agents into America because “it’s who we are.”

He literally wants to march an army of Islamic terrorists into the country and let them slaughter people on the streets…!

One would think that makes him a much, much more menacing threat than Putin or any other foreign leader.

How is this guy able to go anywhere without being shouted down with boos and called a traitor?

Speaking of traitors attacking the people – the wetback Ted Cruz has teamed-up with the gay rat Lindsey Graham to promote a World War with Russia…!

Just look at these two men.

If they came to your front door trying to sell you something, would you entertain them?

If they lived in your neighborhood, would you invite them to a BBQ?

Would you let them babysit your kids?

If “no” – and I assume that for virtually everyone in this country, the answer to all three of those questions would be “no” – then why are we allowing them to run our country and attempt to get us into World Wars with non-aggressive countries that should be our allies?

We need to drain the swamp and we need to do it quickly.

As soon as he’s in office, Trump needs to start attacking these people aggressively. Paul Ryan needs to be forced out of the speakership, and replaced with someone who supports the Trump agenda. Because the Trump agenda is the people’s agenda.