Paul Nehlen Names the Jew, Demands an End to White Genocide

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

This stream is certainly worth watching.

We have someone willing to name the Jew and call out the fact that Whites are undergoing a genocide running for office against one of the biggest cucks in the country.

His platform is strictly anti-immigration, anti-censorship and pro-White.

He names the Jew as pushers of censorship online and states very clearly he will not sign any kind of document swearing he will support Israel.

If you are in Wisconsin, vote for him. If you are not in Wisconsin, shill for him.

If this guy wins it will be the start of our people and politics gaining real power in the world. This kind of a win will increase the morale for anyone else considering running on an explicitly pro-White platform in America.

Even if he doesn’t win, if he gets a significant amount of support it will still send that message and it will force our talking points into mainstream discussions to a point which hasn’t been seen in decades.