Paul Manafort SCANDAL: Something Something Something Russia Donald Trump

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 15, 2018

Man, at this point, I don’t think anyone is following the Trump-Russia scandal thing. That’s why they switched to that porno shit, because then people can at least gossip about sex (something people tend to like gossiping about).

But I’m pretty sure that in September of 2018, I am one of maybe 7 people on the planet who is actually reading entire news stories about the Trump-Russia scandal. Everyone else just sees the headline and thinks either:

  1. Oh, more stupid bullshit, or
  2. Yeah, they’re gonna get him soon – IMPEACH!

No one actually cares about the alleged details at this point. I don’t personally care, but feel an obligation to follow this stuff and break it down.

For you…

Anyway, short story here is that Paul Manafort pleaded guilty to some tax scamming and now apparently a plot to undermine the US government because he… worked with a pro-Russian lobby in the Ukraine. All of this happened years before he spent three months on the Trump campaign.

And now he’s cutting some kind of deal. Probably to make some shit up. Who knows. It doesn’t matter. The Russian kookspiracy is on its last leg, and they’re just draining it for all it’s worth.


Former Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort has agreed to plead guilty in a deal to resolve charges filed by special counsel Robert Mueller, but it is wasn’t clear whether the longtime Republican operative would cooperate with prosecutors against President Donald Trump.

Manafort could prove to be a significant witness for Mueller, who is investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, as well as possible collusion by members of Trump campaign with Moscow.

No. He couldn’t. He could agree to sign some paper saying some made-up bullshit, but it wouldn’t actually mean anything because it would just be made-up bullshit.

Besides me and the six other guys reading these articles, the journalists themselves are presumably reading each other’s articles about this topic and saying “YEAH THIS IS IT UR RIGHT OTHER JOURNALIST DRUMF GOING DOWN NOW.”

Jury selection for Manafort’s second federal criminal trial was scheduled for Monday in Washington. Revised charges filed against him on Friday accuse him of a myriad of criminal acts related to his consulting work in Ukraine.

The charging document, while accusing him of just two criminal counts, appears to be designed to resolve not only the entire case in Washington, but the prosecution in Alexandria, Virginia, where Manafort was convicted of eight counts last month.

The new document alleges Manafort engaged in a conspiracy involving money laundering, tax fraud, failing to report foreign bank accounts, violating rules requiring registration of foreign agents, lying and witness tampering.

Criminal informations are routinely filed in federal cases when a defendant has agreed to plead guilty. The charging document will replace an indictment that had been pending against Manafort in Washington court, where the 69-year-old defendant is scheduled to appear later Friday morning.

Both criminal cases relate to consulting work he and his associate Rick Gates did on behalf of pro-Russia politicians in Ukraine in the years before both men worked on Trump’s campaign.

So yeah.

Just more of the neverending story.

Except unlike the Neverending Story film, this story that never ends has no awesome theme song.

Robort Mueller should at least have a band that plays like, Bon Jovi covers.

Whenever I think of Robort Mueller, I think of him sitting around listening to the Eagles for personal enjoyment.

What a piece of shit.

He is somehow linked into all these conspiracies that could be unraveled if Trump so chooses after this whole ordeal is over and he appoints a new AG. He was the head of the FBI before Comey, during a bunch of Clinton-Obama scandals. He would be named in any major investigation into whatever the hell these people were up to.

Because this whole thing that we know about right now is just the cover-up. The entire Clinton email scandal was about covering up whatever was actually in the emails. You don’t have an email server in your bathroom unless you are into some serious criminal shit. Sometimes people use a gmail account if they don’t want stuff on their official account, and would rarely get caught, and if they do get caught it isn’t a huge deal.

But you have a private server that you have personal, physical access to if you want to be able to destroy records. And they did destroy the records.

So what was the bitch even up to? All kinds of shit I would assume.

Just imagine for a second a world in which Obama and Hillary were subjected to the kind of scrutiny Trump is currently being subjected to. Imagine the bodies in those closets.