Paul Joseph Watson Promotes Negress Doxer of Right-Wing Activists

Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

Last year, Candace Owens created a website with the express purpose of unmasking people who say offensive things online and getting them fired from their jobs. The website, called Social Autopsy, has recently been scrubbed after Owens reappeared in an interview with Paul Joseph Watson to talk about how she’s “red-pilled” now. She claims that she turned into a conservative “overnight” after her Social Autopsy website failed due to “harassment from the Left.” Her new identity, “RedPillBlack” is her latest scheme to dupe right-wing people into giving her money to attack online anonymity and free expression.

Candace Owens speaking to New York Magazine, April of 2016:

“We attach [people’s] words to their places of employment, and anybody in the entire world can search for them. What we are doing is figuratively lifting the masks up so nobody can hide behind, you know, Twitter handles or privatized profiles. It’s all real, and it’s all researchable. You can still say whatever you want to say on social media, but you have to be willing to stand by your words.”

Social Autopsy asks users to submit peoples’ names, addresses, social media accounts, places of employment, and screenshots of things they say online. Several days ago, she hid the “About” and “FAQ” section on her site, however, she’s since removed the site entirely. The reason she did this is because a YouTuber called Tree Of Logic was investigating her past and found that you could still search through people’s dox on the site.

Owens has been interviewed by Steven Crowder, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson and Dave Rubin; and her YouTube has exploded in popularity because of her parroting of anti-SJW talking points. The real reason the Social Autopsy Kickstarter failed is because it broke the site’s terms of service regarding doxing, though she claims it’s because she was attacked and harassed by the Evil Left.

Paul Joseph Watson interviewed Candace Owens in August and she gave her sob story about the Social Autopsy doxing campaign and how she’s a victim of white people calling her a nigger. Watson bought her disingenuous narrative hook-line-and-sinker, yet she failed to mention how the backlash against her was prompted by her full-fledged doxing campaign against whites.

Paul Joseph Watson is downplaying Owens’ actions and claiming that she made the website four years ago, even though she was actively promoting and fundraising for it on Kickstarter just last summer. She also explicitly stated that the site’s sole purpose was to unmask anonymous users and link to their places of employment.

Candace Owens is yet another “BASED” minority who receives blind praise from the alt-lite usual suspects because she’s non-white and wears a red MAGA hat on livestreams. While there are some surface-level benefits to having minorities endorse your brand of conservatism, it’s unwise to be propping them up as thought leaders just because they promote something that’s explicitly against their best interests. People like Candace Owens easily dupe whites because they present a veneer of “wokeness” when they’re truly just appealing to an unfilled niche to garner crowdfunding and social clout.

Promoting doxing seems to be counter-intuitive to somebody who never leaves their apartment, so Watson may want to carefully reconsider who he’s promoting.