Paul Joseph Watson has Declared War on the Alt-Right – Challenge has Been Accepted

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2016

paul joseph watson true story

Watson claims he cannot see the Jews to either side of him, whispering in his ears.

Yesterday, I posted a video of Paul Joseph Watson saying that Jews do not control the media or anything else.

Here’s that video again, in case you missed it.

I gave out Watson’s Twitter handle, and ask people to go tell him what they think of his hardcore shilling for kikes.

He responded to the Alt-Right assault with this tweet.

Obviously, that isn’t what he said.

When asked about Jewish control of the media, he said:

I mean, I read the news everyday, I track narratives that the main stream media comes out with. I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people are not really that present. I don’t really notice them anywhere. I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hard-core evidence that it’s taking place.

So I mean- it is an obsession. I mean that’s why people avoid it, let’s be honest, because it’s an obsession you don’t want to be associated with; neo-Nazis and white supremacists. And even just- you know, if I saw actual evidence where it was a grand conspiracy then I would talk about it, but I just don’t see it!

So that then becomes that we’re mad because he won’t say they control everything.

The level of dishonesty and manipulation here is astonishing, as the hero Paul Town pointed out.

You know, I wouldn’t even have been mad if his answer had been something like:

Well, yes, there is a disproportionate influence of Jews in the media, but, you know, it’s not all Jews. There are also gentiles involved. Different groups work together and blah blah blah.

That’s a level of cuckoldry I’m semi-comfortable with.

But no.

He said “Jews don’t control the media.”

This is simply a lie. As I pointed out, every major media company – both news and entertainment media – is run by a Jew, except for Fox News (some people say Rupert Murdock is crypto, and he may be, but I haven’t seen definitive proof) – and Fox tends to be even more pro-Jew than the Jew-owned networks.

Of course, twisting our argument into “THE JEWS control absolutely everything” after we confronted him on saying the Jews don’t control the media is spineless obfuscation. But in actual fact, saying that the Jews control everything is only slightly hyperbolic.

In actual reality, they do indeed control much more than the media and the banking system.

They control the university system, the control the NGO system, the control the groups behind the Black power movements.

And of course, they control the governments of the West, pushing us into degeneracy and mass immigration.

And when we say “Jews control these things,” what we mean is, the heads of these operations are ethnically Jewish. And that is an uncontested fact.

Watson is always on about the Bilderberg group.

But how about Jewish overrepresentation by literally thousands of times in this organization?

How is it possible that this is somehow not relevant information?

At the very least, one would think that an “infowarrior” would come out and explain why it is irrelevant that while Jews are .02% of the global population, they happen to be over 50% of the Bilderberg Group.

Jones Himself has Said It

And get this – Alex Jones himself has admitted Jew-control over the US government.

Here are some of the relevant bits.

You know, I don’t want to be associated with the just really mindless, hateful – and by hateful, a lot of them have attacked me and made stuff up or twisted it or exaggerated what I’ve said. And they all fight with each other, and so that’s a distasteful group as well.

But at the same time, I’m a USA first guy, and a Second Amendment guy, number one. And a First Amendment guy. I mean that comes first for me and I’ve just gotta say it. It was one thing when the last administration, and I was hoping it was a fluke that was gonna stop. But I mean come on, folks. Every key person in the Bush administration and now in this next administration just so happen to be the sons and daughters of the founders of Israel and Mossad chiefs and people. And they’re openly not even really US citizens. And they openly are at the head of the table in the anti-gun operations in the US. And I’m sick of it. I mean Rahm Emmanuel has been in the Israeli military. He gets up on news and says he’s Israel first. And I’ve had enough of it. I mean I am really getting sick of it. I am really getting tired of it.

It’s one thing to have powerful elements of the Israeli lobby all over the Bush administration. And to have them being you know some of the most energetic cheerleaders for the Patriot Act and torture and police state measures and warrentless spying. That’s bad. But to now have a Rahm Emmanuel, whose father was one of the head terrorists who founded Israel and Rahm Emmanuel himself was in the Israeli military, Israeli intelligence, duel-citizen.

It’s bad. On its face it’s wrong. On its face it stinks to high heaven. And in Haaretz, in the Jerusalem Post in the Agency French Press, these are the headlines: Obama’s choice for chief of staff puts Israel’s man in the White House. And that’s the headline in Israel, “we run the White House, we’ve got the White House.” But then as an American citizen, I’m not supposed to mention that. I’m supposed to just sit down and shut up and go along with that. And add insult to injury here, I mean, do you need to have a questionable birth, questionable birth, or you know have your lineage in this country to be about a centimeter deep … do you have to be an open Mossad officer like Chertoff or Mukasey or Rahm Emmanuel?

I mean you have to be a foreigner to run our government. I mean it’s not enough that the Israeli government owns the company that does 98% of caller ID and phone tracking in the nation? This has been mainstream news.

Is it not enough that Israel has the sole contract to quote “guard the nuclear weapons”? Our own government doesn’t even have control of them?

Is it not enough that uh, Israel had fingerprints all over 911?

So, Paul Joseph Watson – was Alex lying when he said all of this?

Was he drunk?

Did an evil Nazi break into the studio and hold a gun to his head and make him blame the Jews?

What exactly is going on with your operation, Watson?

How do you have the nerve to openly lie like this?

The Most Poisonous Infiltration

Watson is among the most dangerous of Jewish tools.

In fact, he is more dangerous than the Jews themselves in many ways.

He has the nerve to claim he is being censored – look at his Twitter header:


But is it Watson that’s being censored, or is it Nazis?

Let’s see here.

Q: Is it Andrew Anglin or Paul Joseph Watson that has been banned from Twitter?

A: It is Andrew Anglin.

Q: Is it the Daily Stormer or Infowars that has been banned from PayPal?

A: It is the Daily Stormer.

Q: Is it the Daily Stormer or Infowars that has been banned from disqus?

A: It is the Daily Stormer.

Q: Is it the Daily Stormer or Infowars that that is banned from every advertising network as part of the Jewish campaign to shut down funding of anyone viewed as a threat to the agenda?

A: It is the Daily Stormer.

Q: Is it the Daily Stormer or Infowars that has an ADL council convened against it to shut down its speech on the internet?

A: It is the Daily Stormer.

Why is it that if he’s the real truth-teller, and we’re paranoid conspiracy theorists, that the establish is attacking and attempting to silence us instead of him?

In fact, the establishment appears to view him as not being any sort of threat at all.


And get this – in order to explain why we are shut-out from everything, while his organization is not shut-out of anything, he would literally have to claim that we deserve it because we are evil Nazis.

So he just refuses to address it.

Hostile Takeover

Watson is attempting to co-opt our language, to co-opt our issues, and remove the kike from the narrative – to make the Jewish agenda into something to do with Moslems and liberals.

Just looking through his Twitter feed, you can see him attempting to steal all of our talking points.

Anti-White agenda:



Donald Trump:


Haji rape crisis:

Oh, and he’s even so clever as to co-opt our language – “based”:

But when it comes to the kikes, lips=zipped.

He must distance himself from anti-Semites:

He also regularly copies stories from the Daily Stormer and removes Jews.

He wants our talking points because we are popular.

But you can’t make any money if you’re talking about the kikes, can you Paul?

David Duke took the time to thank him for making a video about the Moslem invasion, and he responded with an insult.


Imagine the nerve of this scumbag.

Oh, but no wonder he hates Duke – Duke exposed his fat master for the lying bastard that he is.

There was never any response to the points Duke made.

Just shove it down the memory hole.

Then if Duke gets brought up again, just insult him.

This is the Infowars method: openly lie about the cause of all our problems and viciously attack anyone who tells the truth.

Oh and hey, Watson – kike Milo admitted Jews control the media. And the banking system.

Was your faggot kike buddy lying about that, Watson?

Or are you lying?

Because either Jews control the media and the banking system or they don’t, right?

One thing or the other has to be true, right?

Reality does exist. And truth exists. Either something is true or it is not.

You are buried under your own lies.

And justice is coming.

Total War

From this point forward, it is total war.

total war

I am finished with the cucks.

I want Watson and all of these other spineless faggots to feel the pressure. I want them to be forced into the light, their wicked lies on full display.

From this point forward, anyone who denies the Jews needs to be ruthlessly and viciously attacked. Non-stop.

Follow Watson on twitter, and attack him every chance you get. When he blocks you – and he will block you, because he has zero response to anything that you’re saying – post a screen shot of the block and show his hypocrisy. Then make another account and start attacking him again.

Of course, if these liars want to come out on the side of what is right and good, and tell the truth about the Jews, I have no problem offering full amnesty.

But until that happens, we shall resist.

The value of the term “cuck” in this situation cannot be overestimated. It cuts to the very heart of the matter. Watson is abandoning the interests of his own group in order to promote the interests of a vitriolic racial enemy. It is the epitome of cuckoldry. And everyone who sees him being called a cuck knows exactly what is meant by that.

Show all of his followers what a lying scumbag he is.


Do it now and do it every day.

We will not be silenced by the Jews, we will not be silenced by tools like Watson trying to take over our narrative.

Hail Victory.