Patrick Stewart is a Lying Prostitute

Daily Stormer
June 28, 2016

In the wake of the UK’s successful Brexit vote, the EU and its pawns have begun to heavily recirculate celebrity videos that put forward false claims about the contributions of the European globalists. I have no idea why they think this matters now, as the vote is done with, but within the past 48 hours dozens of the shitlibs I follow have shared this sketch by Patrick Stewart asking “what has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?”

This video essentially claims that the ECHR is the entity responsible for people having fair trials and all sorts of other rights, as if they didn’t exist in Britain before its inclusion in the European Economic Community.

As a former political prisoner I am intimately familiar with the history of the right to a fair trial, as I spent as months in solitary confinement reading as much as I could about the legal foundations of Western civilization and pondering what could be done about the problems facing us as a people. For a short while, the history of the West was my entire world. It’s the only connection I had outside the walls. I know a fair bit about it.

There are two advents in the history of European jurisprudence from which the right to a fair trial was born. One is in ancient jurisprudence, and one is in modern jurisprudence.

The first was in Ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero. The blonde haired blue eyed Emperor has been villainized by his contemporaries such as Tacitus because his granting of several legal rights caused financial strains upon the population of Jews that lived under him. However, he was a just and fair ruler and granted several rights (such as the right to reasonable bail and fines) that took until the establishment of the United States Constitution to appear again. History records this guy as a villain, but he was in fact a beloved Roman populist that did much for his people.

Seutonius records Nero’s proclamation of the right to a trial at no cost in Lives of the Caesars. Before which one could only have a trial judged by an independent observer if one could pay the costs of the court.

“Clients should pay a fixed and reasonable fee for the services of their advocates, but nothing at all for benches, which were to be furnished free of charge by the public treasury.”

This right was later revoked after the fall of Ancient Rome and took over a millennia to be codified in law in modern jurisprudence. The idea of a fundamental right to fair trial, habeus corpus, reappeared in the Assize of Clarendon, an act written in 1166 by Henry II of England that basically served as the Rules of Criminal Procedure of its era. It was later finally codified into law permanently in the Parliament of England with the Habeus Corpus Act of 1679.

In modern jurisprudence, the right to a fair trial does not stem with the European Convention of Human Rights. It stems from the glorious and rich history of the English people. That Patrick Stewart, knighted by the English crown, would use his position of prominence to betray the very concept of Englishness and rob the English nation of its history and achievements on behalf of a foreign power is an act of treason. He is a degenerate prostitute for his Jewish pimps in Hollywood.

Perhaps it is time for English patriots in groups like British Unity, National Action, and UKIP to begin making a list of those who have betrayed the people of England and confronting them with their treachery. Remember that after the pigfucker Cameron and the filthy Jew bitch Luciana Berger, there is the lying whore Patrick Stewart.