Patreon’s CEO Offers Half-Assed Explanation on Why They Ban Content Creators

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2017

Patreon is in the midst of banning various Alt-Lite personalities from using their online donation service. This has really pissed a bunch of people off. They’ve already been banning more hardcore Alt-Right personalities for “racism” but now they seem to be lumping the Alt-Liters into that same category.

Specifically, the obese Alt-Lite YouTube personality Lauren Southern recently had her account banned with no rational explanation. They claimed her activities might cause people to die. I honestly didn’t think eating enormous quantities of food and staying at fancy European hotels qualified as an activity that would cause people to die. Apparently Patreon disagrees!

Patreon thinks Lauren Southern’s disgusting eating habits are going to cause people to die. Gross? Yes. But I disagree that it will cause people to die. The worst thing that might happen to someone when observing Southern at an all you can eat buffet is to get a bad case of PTSD.

They also banned a group associated with Southern called “Defend Europe”. They are a group that has been monitoring boats funded by non-governmental organizations which are flooding Italy with unlimited numbers of Africans. Sounds to me that the boats flooding Italy with these Africans are engaging in activities that are much more likely to cause people to die than anything Southern or “Defend Europe” are doing. These Africans are violent and uncivilized creatures who enjoy raping, killing and eating people. Trafficking them into Europe doesn’t sound like a good idea! Stopping them would actually prevent death!

As a result of this, Patreon’s CEO Jack Conte decided to upload a YouTube video explaining how they determine which content creators get banned. His explanation is nothing but kike gibberish.

He claims that Patreon’s policies are not driven by politics but what he calls “Manifest Observable Behavior”. This fancy made up term is used to conceal the fact that their policies are in fact 100 percent driven by politics.

This ugly Negress named Cynthia G openly spews racial hatred against White people and she still has an active Patreon account! How is this possible Jack?? Is Patreon not against racism?? Or do you have an exemption for low IQ monkey persons??

If Patreon was neutral with their bans, the Negro supremacist Cynthia G who engages in racial hatred of White people would have been banned from collecting donations a long time ago. And what about all the anti-fascist terrorist groups who still have active Patreon accounts?

The only reason the anti-fascist terrorist group “It’s Going Down” got banned was because people raised a huge stink about it. They actually chose to ban Southern before “It’s Going Down” even though “It’s Going Down” openly advocates criminal activity and violence. Did they really think Southern’s junk food habits represented more of an immediate threat?

From a personal standpoint, my Patreon account was banned within one week of its creation. All because I say things on a website that hurts people’s feelings. It couldn’t be any more obvious that Patreon selectively enforces their policies.

Worse yet is how Conte cited the 2015 beach toddler photo to justify their bans of Southern and “Defend Europe”. Remember this?

Patreon CEO Jack Conte thinks Europe needs infinite Africans and Moslems because of this sad photo! What a faggot!

That’s some real cuckery right there. I can see why Conte chooses to live in the San Francisco area. He must be very comfortable living among faggots and degenerate individuals. He also looks like the type of guy who watches gay porn videos on his work computer. I bet he keeps the information technology staff busy. I can only imagine how many hard drives they’ve had to reformat as a result of his faggot porn addiction!

Conte also hates Donald Trump. Big shocker!

But seriously, the people running these technology companies are retarded. In the long term they’re only destroying themselves by banning people because they dislike their political views. It’s not good business.

Look at all the problems @jack is having with Twitter. They’ve mostly turned it into an echo chamber for Jews and Marxist radicals. This has created a problem with them being able to attract new users.

To hell with all these Jews, cucks and faggots who run technology companies like Patreon. This social justice faggot crap is exiting the mainstream. The counter culture that we are a part of is winning the day.