Pastor Tony Spell is Spelling Doom for the Jew Lockdown Agenda! Violates Lockdown to Hold Services!

One Love! One Nation Under GOD! Death to the Lockdown!

Pastor Tony Spell is the Patrick Bateman of Christianity, and he is the hero this country needs. The good Louisiana pastor has been arrested twice by the filthy Antichrist 666 pigs for refusing to go along with the deranged lockdown agenda, and instead holding church services normally as is his Constitutional right.

It is both shocking and disgusting that more preachers are not following the lead of the great and mighty Tony Spell and telling this kike government that they answer to GOD – not the Jews!

The Advocate:

The pastor of a Central church who has defied state orders to limit the number of congregants at his worship services violated another order Sunday — preaching from the pulpit despite a judge’s directive that he stay at home under house arrest.

Wearing an ankle monitor attached after he was accused of threatening to run over a protester outside his Life Tabernacle Church last Sunday, the Rev. Tony Spell told his congregation it’s a “dirty rotten shame when you’re hiding in America.” Its members sang and waved signs reading “I stand with Pastor Spell.”

Spell was arrested last week and booked into Parish Prison on misdemeanor counts after a protester accused the Pentecostal preacher of nearly hitting him last Sunday with one of the church’s school buses along Hooper Road.

That was a stupid hoax, used as a pretext to arrest him a second time (they’d already arrested him for violating the lockdown once) with a bigger charge that would let them put the ankle monitor on him.

Here’s the video.

Do you see an assault? Or a threat?

Louisiana cops are ANTI-Christ…!

One condition of Spell’s release is that he “refrain from any and all criminal conduct, including but not limited to strictly abiding by the all emergency orders issued by the Governor of the State of Louisiana.”

Spell had planned to turn himself in to the parish jail following the service. District Attorney Hillar Moore III said his office didn’t plan to pursue the matter Sunday after a Baton Rouge police officer was fatally shot and another injured in a shooting that tied up law enforcement and his office’s resources.

Yes, they call that “the wrath of GOD,” you filthy pigs…!

God used a nigger to kill your people so that Pastor Tony would be protected!

A judge would also need to issue a warrant for Spell’s arrest if he deemed the pastor violated the conditions of his bond.

The pastor has said the state’s stay-at-home and social distancing orders, both aimed at limiting the novel coronavirus, violate his and his congregants’ First Amendment rights to assemble and practice their faith.

“God gave you an immune system to kill the virus,” Spell told his flock Sunday morning. “I’m not going to bind the virus.”

Along with the recent aggravated assault and improper backing infractions, Spell has also been cited on six misdemeanor counts of violating the governor’s stay-at-home order.

The house arrest order and condition he remain on his property about 50 yards from the church and refrain from criminal activity — including violating the state’s ban on large gatherings — stem from the assault charge.

Parish officials have noted other houses of worship have streamed their services in place of in-person gatherings.

Yes, cowards who do not truly have the FEAR of GOD in them are doing little faggot livestreams.

Then when the federal 666 decides that Christianity is banned, they just shut down their livestreams, and those faggot fake Christians have nothing left.

Madam Brix is telling us that we are going to be under some form of lockdown indefinitely, and that means that all churches – save for that of Glorious Pastor Tony, Space Marine of Christ – are going to be closed indefinitely.

In this case, “indefinitely” means forever.

No matter how faggotized these churches may be – and their willing to close over a flu hoax indicates they’ve reached well beyond “maximum faggotization” – the Beast 666 Antichrist Flu Hoax Brutal Domination and Complete Dehumanization Regime (B6AFHBDCDR) is not going to have them even saying Christ’s name when the new world order one religion of satanist Greta Thunbergism is implemented.

The Jews want to stamp out Christianity once and for all, and most Christians are eagerly going along with it, because their braindead whore wives tell them “honey, we have to follow the rules, honey, the government is here to protect us, dear, and if you don’t want to listen, remember that I already have the divorce papers drawn up and the Jew judge will give me the kids.”

These people will be totally willing to accept the 666 Satan chip that Bill Gates wants to put in their right hands.

Let those who bow to the Jews drink blood, as they deserve, and as God will give to them.

I will stand with Jesus Christ, against the Antichrist and the Jewish flu hoax.