Pastor Rick Wiles on Why the Federal Government Won’t Go After Antifa

Pastor Rick Wiles is either a Stormer reader or a very intelligent man. I suspect both.

This week, he explained in 59 short seconds the entire reason that the federal government is not going after Antifa.

It’s because if they did, they would have to trace the money, and they’d uncover a bunch of rich Jews funding a terrorist group.

Once the investigation was opened, it would be virtually impossible to prevent Jews from being exposed not only as the head activists and organizers themselves, but also as the money power funding the whole operation.

The official Black Lives Matter funding body is openly run by a convicted Jew terrorist.

William Barr is half Jewish. He can claim to be a Christian all he wants, but it is clear that his loyalties lie with the satanic cult that murdered our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

At this point, Barr might as well be out there in a black mask burning down buildings himself. There is no reason to believe that is going to change. He has not even hinted that he would be willing to open a RICO case against Antifa.

By allowing Barr to remain in charge of the Justice Department, Trump is not only putting this country at risk, he’s putting his own safety at risk. If and when Trump wins the election, these people are going to go completely ape, and they’re going to launch a complete siege of the White House.

Trump can’t trust the military and he sure as hell can’t trust the DC cops. So without the feds supporting him, it’s going to be him and the Secret Service vs. an endless wave of Antifa assaulting the White House. It’s also just a matter of fact that we’re going to begin seeing heavily funded attempts on his life by professional killers.

It simply is not feasible to have William Barr running the Justice Department. He has to be replaced. The first step in making that happen is for Tucker Carlson to call him out by name, and demand that the president ask for his resignation.

Tucker has been blaming the Justice Department, but he needs to name the man responsible, the man who has made the decision to allow this group of drug-addled communist terrorists to burn down our cities.

Tucker has to know this, but I think he’s waiting for the election. But again: imagine the riots that are going to happen, and imagine the fat slob Barr sitting there wringing his hands.

It’s not theoretical. Any single person who knows anything about anything knows that Barr could open a RICO investigation and round all of these people up – and get massive public support for it. He could go down in history as an American hero. Instead, he is choosing to protect Jews.

This has to stop.

William Barr must receive the catchphrase.