Party Police Going Full Apeshit, Arrest Women for Partying Like It’s Their Life

Some people just have to party.

They can’t help it.

Others – the party police – are born to shut it down.

So continues the eternal struggle.

NBC News:

Two women were arrested for hosting more than 200 people at an illegal “makeshift bar” in New Jersey over the weekend, Newark authorities said.

The state’s department of public safety said police officers responded to calls at 6 Libella Court in Newark at approximately 12 a.m. on Sunday. Hundreds of patrons were seen drinking, eating, and illegally gambling at the warehouse party, according to police.

Anthony Ambrose, Newark Public Safety Director, said 26-year-old Denisse Tinizaray and 28-year-old Katherine Tinizaray, both of Newark, were arrested after the two failed to provide a liquor license.

Both women were charged with maintaining an illegal alcohol establishment and illegal possession and sales of alcohol.

It’s unclear whether the Tinizarays have lawyers.

The Party Police have the upper hand now.

But what will happen… if the tables turned?

What if… the hunter were to become the hunted, and the anti-partier would get rocked?

That, we may never know.