Paris Wants to BAN White Tourists Coming From America

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2018

Priorities, people. Priorities.

Daily Mail:

A Paris official said he would propose outlawing home rentals via Airbnb and other websites in the city centre, accusing the service of forcing residents out of the French capital.

Ian Brossat, the city council member in charge of housing and the Deputy Mayor, also added that he would seek to ban the purchase of second homes in Paris, saying such measures were necessary to keep the city from becoming an ‘open-air museum’.

With some 60,000 apartments on offer in the city, Paris is the biggest market for Airbnb, which like other home-sharing platforms has come under increasing pressure from cities which claim it drives up rents for locals. 

Let me explain something to you.

White people use AirBnB. It’s a San Francisco hippy thing that ended up being wildly profitable once they got some clever jews in on the team.

And while they’ve banned White Nationalists from using their service, they haven’t banned Neon-Nazis, which is why I can still use their services. Which I do, with joy. Because it’s absolutely awesome. Thank you, AirBnb.

He wants to forbid any short-term tourist rentals of entire apartments in the First, Second, Third and Fourth Arrondissements of Paris, home to some of the world’s most popular sites including the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Louvre museum.

‘If we don’t do anything, there won’t be any more locals: Like on the Ile Saint-Louis, we’ll end up with a drop in the number of residents and food shops turned into clothing or souvenir stores,’ he added, referring to the Seine island in the shadow of the Notre-Dame cathedral.

‘We’ll be living in an open-air museum.’ 

Alright, let’s dig into this.

First knee-jerk reaction: oh, so you’re not concerned about being replaced by niggers and Moslems, but the White cash-carrying Americans who want to see all your famous sites, sip your wines, sample your cheeses and subsidize your museums – they’re the problem, right?! 

Why do I say White people? Because Airbnb is textbook SWPL (Stuff White People Like) just like Uber. Because it allows White people to quality control, i.e. to avoid NIIIIIGGGGGEEEEERSSSS!!!

Seriously, Uber and Airbnb are white flight made possible through apps.

Big nibba reaction after reflection: yes, the whole anglo tourist problem is indeed vexing.

Especially now that they drag niggers and moslems and poos along with them when they travel.

Tourism does indeed have to be controlled. Cities need to be treated like living organisms and the local residents of a city as cells. There needs to be an entire new urban religion – not hipstersdom – that builds upon where Christianity left off.

The progression:

  1. Paganism= hunter-gatherer society. The spirit of the river, of the deer, of the oak tree or whatever.
  2. Christianity= agrarian society. Metaphors using lambs, livestock and farming. Tending to things. God as a shepherd. Bringing order to the wild.
  3. Cult of the Living City= totally urbanized society. We’re in new territory here, lads. The city has to become a self-contained unit. An all-encompassing polis of sorts.

I have long thought that regionalism and separatism are going to become the wave of the future. As things get more commodified and similar, you will also have a knee-jerk reaction. People are going to get really into their city. You get this among shitlibs who have serious city pride and think in terms of cities.

Even if they are transplants, they start waving their city flag with pride and start trying to forge a new identity, centered around the sports team mostly, and around promoting the rapidly gentrifying downtown. They’re quite literally faking it until they make it.


If we want to do a whole neo-city religion and ban drunk tourists, I’m down for that.

We can get rid of Airbnb and Uber as well – if we’re going to go ahead with the plan: city-state autarky. 


What the fuck are we going to do about these niggers?

Everything else needs to take a backseat to the nigger problem. There’s not going to be any Parisians left to save at this rate.

Getting mad at White tourists is just retarded at this point.