Paris: Moslems Attack 60-Year-Old Man for Carrying Christmas Present

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2018

Sorry frog, but didn’t you get the memo?

France is rightful Islamic clay.

Voice of Europe:

60-year-old man has been beaten in Paris in what seems to be a religious hate crime, newspaper Le Parisien reports.

The man had gone shopping for Christmas and was carrying a present wrapped in Christmas gift paper.

As he left the metro Alesia (XIVth arrondissement) with arms loaded and was walking to the Avenue du Maine (XIVth arrondissement) he was ambushed.

A stranger approached him, jostled and slapped him, dropping his glasses on the floor. The attacker then fled and was heard saying: “This is what we do to the disbelievers”.

The elderly man, shocked, went up the Avenue du Maine towards the police station of the fourteenth arrondissement to file a complaint.