Paris Issues Decree: Everyone Must Wear Masks OUTSIDE

As any real problems caused by the coronavirus continue to disappear, the response from global government is to continue to up the ante, with ever increasing and increasingly bizarre measures.

There is no doctor or scientist anywhere that would tell you that wearing masks outside is helpful for any purpose.

Obviously, the purpose is social control.


The French government announced Thursday that face masks will become mandatory everywhere in Paris and its suburbs, including all outdoor public spaces. The heightened mask requirement comes as the number of new COVID-19 cases in France jumped to more than 5,000 in the previous 24 hours — the highest increase since the country came out of lockdown in mid-May.

The order goes into effect at 8 a.m. Friday. The Paris region is one of 21 high-risk “red zones” in France. But until now, masks were largely mandatory only inside shops and on public transportation. People were not required to wear them outdoors, except at street markets and in certain densely packed areas. The new rule means that now cyclists and scooter users will have to mask up as well.

Prime Minister Jean Castex, speaking at a press conference Thursday morning, said France had reached a critical threshold of 50 infections per 100,000 residents, a red line.

“We are in a period of epidemic growth,” said Castex. “We want to do everything to avoid a new lockdown.”

Castex said wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from other people might not come naturally, but was not a burden.

“Only 20% of new cases come from clusters, and professional venues,” he said. “Which means the essential transmission is by daily contact between people. I call on your [sense of] responsibility.”

Every country is going to pass a law – sorry, issue a decree – like this.

Clearly, there is a central authority directing all of these strange measures, and they are enacting them in different places at different times, while the goal is to decree them everywhere.

They’ve already begun in some areas saying that you have to wear masks in your own home.

I also expect the face shields and goggles to be heavily pushed in the near future.

Let’s just hope Donald Trump can ride this wave of good sentiment into a second term. Because if the Democrats win, they’re going to pull out every single imaginable stop.

They will make a federal law for outside masks, face shields and goggles, indoor masks – all of it.

I won’t be surprised if they bring out the cones of shame.