Paris: Illegal Moroccan Vibrant on Trial for Stabbing Eight Disbelievers

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2019

It’s unfortunate that this Moslem chap decided to go out and stab random non-Moslems, but I’m sure the court will take into account his obvious (((mental health issues))) when deciding on his sentence.


An illegal underage Moroccan migrant is facing trial in Paris after he stabbed eight people, apparently at random, in northern Paris in February.

The incident took place in February with police arresting the Moroccan at around one o’clock in the morning on the 14th, with his clothes soaked in blood and a knife, also covered in blood, near him Le Parisien reports.

The stabbings occurred in the La Chapelle area, which has become increasingly known as a dangerous area and has seen the city of Paris vow to place guards in public spaces to increase safety for residents, announcing the measure earlier this week.

After his arrest, the young man, who was drunk, was not able to explain to police why he had stabbed eight people and was so intoxicated that he was not even able to provide police with a breathalyzer sample.

Witnesses say that the Moroccan began his rampage at around eleven o’clock at night by throwing an elderly individual to the ground and then attacking a passing woman. A man was then stabbed after coming to her defence.

Another person was stabbed after the migrant tried to steal their phone, then a nearby motorist and two others by the entrance of a subway station. A young woman was the last victim of the rampage along the rue de la Chapelle and was also struck several times by the Moroccan.