Paris: French Man Lynched by an Islamic Mob in a Restaurant

It’s not just America.

The brown races of the planet are rising up and attempting to destroy the white race, just as the Daily Stormer was devoted to warning people about.

Brown people were always committing acts of violence against us, of course. The difference now is that the police have been pulled, and the hordes are unleashed.

Infowars Europe:

A young victim is recovering from serious injuries sustained after a large mob of ‘unaccompanied Moroccan minors’ launched a brutal attack in Paris that one eyewitness described as a “lynching.”

During a recent brawl, a young person managed to escape and attempted to hide on the covered terrace of the Corso restaurant on Quai de la Seine in the 19th arrondissement of the French capital.

Moments later, a group of roughly 20 people identified as ‘Moroccan youths’ by Le Parisien laid siege to the restaurant, attacking the victim and a security guard.

“Shortly before midnight, the last patrons had left, and staff were busy putting away tables and chairs, when the gang stormed in armed with sticks and knives,” Le Parisien reports.

“In spite of the intervention of the security guard, which they attacked, the young people embarked on a settling of scores, lashing out on the fugitive, who was later taken care of by the emergency services.”

The victim was hospitalized with head trauma, but is expected to survive.

“A lynching was in order. There was blood everywhere,” said an outraged resident of the neighborhood. “Violence, drug addicts – it has become an unliveable place. Everyone is afraid, and the shopkeepers are on the front line.”

Basically, everything we said is now coming to pass.

This should be a moment of truth for the people.

Most are choosing to sit it out.