Paris Deputy Mayor Says Whites Should Shut Up and Take It

France is less extreme when it comes to the anti-white hate agenda, so a statement that is commonplace in America – that white people should just shut up – is creating something of a sandal in Paris.


A black deputy mayor of Paris, Audrey Pulvar, has sparked controversy online after she said white people should remain “silent spectators” if they attend meetings where people of color discuss racism.

A former TV host and journalist, Pulvar, told the French BFM TV on Saturday that she was “not shocked” to hear that people of color hold meetings closed to the whites. The politician, who now serves as a deputy to the Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, referred to a high-profile incident earlier this month, which saw the National Union of Students of France (UNEF) organizing meetings on racism that were off-limits to the whites.

Pulvar, herself a black person, said that “people who are discriminated against for the same reasons and who feel the same way need to meet together to discuss it.” Still, she believes it would not be quite right to outright ban the white people from attending such meetings altogether.

Instead, Pulvar suggested that a “white woman or a white man that comes to this workshop” could be asked to “be silent, to be a … silent spectator.” The words of the politician, who leads the Socialist Party’s list at the upcoming regional elections in the French Ile-de-France region, immediately ignited a heated debate online.

The deputy mayor’s statement was branded racist and contrary to the French values. Valerie Pecresse, the President of the Regional Council of Ile-de-France, said that, in her region, no person “should be discriminated against because of the color of their skin.”

“There is no such thing as “acceptable” racism!” she said in a fiery tweet.

Pecresse was supported by the French MEP Agnes Evren, who called Pulvar’s statement “scandalous” and revealing the “moral decay” of the Left as well as “racist sentiment” against the “white-skinned French.” The leader of the right-wing National Rally (former National Front) party, Marine Le Pen, went as far as to demand the French prosecutors open a probe against Pulvar over the alleged “racial discrimination.”

I guess the thing to reflect on here is just how normal it would be for a politician to say something like this in America.

Kamala Harris has said the exact same thing. She’s said it repeatedly, I’m sure she said it during the debates probably more than once. I’m not going to go find the clip, the internet is too difficult to use these days, but here’s a New York Times article where she tells a Jew journalist she’s telling her “white friends” to stop talking to her about race. Telling your friends to shut up is more extreme – the “black French” bitch is presumably talking about strangers.

Our entire ruling class is constantly dehumanizing us, and we’re to the point where it is normal to be told to shut up because we’re white.

People will say that I’ve racially abused people on this site. It’s a common accusation I receive. But I’m not a government official. Furthermore, I don’t think you’ll find me ever telling any race to “just shut up and take it.” My posture on race is entirely defensive, coming from the premise that white countries should be the homes of white people.

This is to say: the current mainstream view on whites is much more extreme than anything I’ve ever said about nonwhites. We are at the point now where we’ve accepted it, and it’s normal to be abused and dehumanized by these foreigners who have seized control of our countries.

How is diversity making us stronger? 

The upside is that “anti-white” as something that exists is being normalized on the right. Even the shills are having to use the term, coined by us. So there is some emerging shape of some kind of pushback against this horrendous agenda against us.

Maybe it’s too little, too late, but we shouldn’t have an attitude of assuming that. Anything is possible, and we just have to keep on fighting for what’s right regardless.