Paris: Congolese Chap Arrested for Raping 92-Year-Old Woman in Nursing Home

If it has a pulse, blacks will rape it.


A 63-year-old Congolese migrant was arrested by Paris police Sunday after allegedly raping a 92-year-old resident in the nursing home where he was employed.

The alleged sex attack took place at the Korian Les Arcades retirement home in the 12th arrondissement of Paris on Sunday evening and was reported to police by the director of the facility after a nursing assistant claimed to have caught the man shortly after the rape took place.

According to the nursing assistant, she noticed the Congolese male in the room of the 92-year-old and asked him what he was doing there as he was not assigned to that particular area of the retirement home, Actu 17 reports.

She said the man turned around and his genitals were exposed and also noticed the elderly woman had been partly undressed. The nursing assistant screamed and the man fled, only to be discovered later by police in the garden of the facility.

According to newspaper Le Parisien, the elderly victim was in shock and was treated by the emergency services upon their arrival to the scene. The paper added that a spokesperson for the Korian group who run the retirement home refused to give any details about the accused employee but confirmed he had been fired.