Parents Outraged at Gender Neutral Toilets in UK Primary School

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2014

Parents have complained that children were shocked to find unisex toilets and felt ‘uncomfortable’ sharing.

Parents are furious at a primary school in the south of England, where children aged 3-11 are now being expected to share the same toilets.

Instead of making toilets for boys and girls, which 100% of the schools pupils are, the toilets have been made for some hypothetical ‘gender neutral’ creature that does not actually exist anywhere in nature.

The children have quite rightly complained to their parents of feeling uncomfortable yet instead of doing something about it, the school has placed the blame on the parents and invited them to a meeting about ‘transphobia.’

According to them, the children are not feeling uncomfortable because they know that boys and girls are different, but because their parents are frightened of hermaphrodites.

Daily Mail:

Angry parents have complained after a primary school introduced unisex toilets in a bid to ‘prevent transphobia’.

Pupils at Harbour Primary School in Newhaven, East Sussex, were shocked to discover they had to share the ‘gender neutral’ toilets at the start of the school year.

Many parents say their children do not want to share facilities with the opposite sex because it makes them feel ‘uncomfortable’.

Headteacher Christine Terrey has responded by telling the parents to attend a meeting on ‘Transphobia’.

There are around 500 pupils at the school for three to 11-year-olds.

One concerned mother said her seven-year-old does not feel ‘comfortable’ using the toilets.

She said: ‘I know of several parents who have raised complaints and they have now invited us to a meeting about transgender equality.

‘This was just introduced from the start of term and no one told us before.

‘There are seven-year-old girls using the same toilets as 11-year-old boys.

‘My daughter has said she doesn’t feel comfortable about it.

‘Although we are all up for equality we feel this is not allowing our children to choose.

‘A lot of our children don’t want to use toilets of the opposite sex.’

Headteacher Christine Terrey said the decision to include single sex toilets in their new building had been taken by East Sussex County Council.

She has invited parents to a meeting on ‘transphobia’, which will include a discussion about the toilets.

What is a child supposed to think of this? Who is it for? Nobody looks like this.