Panic! On the Streets of Paris as Calais Migrants Go to War with Each Other!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2016

One of the really amazing aspects of vibrant cultural diversity is wars on the street of once peaceful European cities.

It just makes everything so much more… vibrant and… diverse.

You might even say “colorful.”


Paris is a blast this week, as the diverse and vibrant oppressed victims of… the Crusades and… microaggressions… have moved into the city to show us what we’ve got to look forward to every day, in every European city, as more and more of these beautiful victims flood in every day under the Jewish program of multicultural enrichment.

Can you even believe that evil patriarchal bastard Vladimir Putin thinks this is bad?


Russians have no idea what they’re missing.

Daily Mail:

Pictures show men lunging at each other with makeshift clubs last night next to a row of tents in the Stalingrad district of the French capital.

Amid chaotic scenes, gangs of men were seen brandishing pieces of wood and squaring up for a street battle.

The violence unfolded just hours after demolition workers supported by riot police began smashing up an illegal camp full of UK-bound migrants in Paris.


Now that’s what I call quick returns!


These people are a party in a bus – just open up the bus doors and the party is started!

You don’t even have to provide them with weapons – they will just find them on the ground!

It also came in the wake of the destruction of the Calais Jungle which saw refugees transported around the country

It is not yet known what caused the fight in Paris.

There had already been scuffles on Monday as mainly Afghans and Eritreans tried to save their possessions during the raid, which started soon after 8am.

It followed thousands of migrants arriving in the French capital following the razing of the Calais Jungle refugee camp last week.

While some 5000 Jungle residents agreed to be bused to resettlement centres around France, many others headed off independently, saying they still wanted to get to Britain.

Up to 3000 set up tents on the pavements around the Stalingrad Metro station, which is close to the Gare du Nord Eurostar hub in the north of Paris.

Shortly before yesterday’s clearance French president Francois Hollande said: ‘We won’t tolerate the camps any longer.’

Referring to the Paris clearance, Mr Hollande said: ‘We are going to carry out the same operation as in Calais.’

CRS riot police around Stalingrad said there would be a ‘gradual operation’ which is likely to go on all week until all the camps are gone.

Meanwhile, the first ever official centre for refugees in Paris is due to be opened by the city’s Socialist council later this week.

The £6m facility is also close to the Eurostar hub, and will have beds for 400 men.

But local residents and business owners say it will attract people smugglers, and other criminals.

Jean Brossard, who has been living in the area for 30 years, said: ‘None of us asked for an immigrant centre on our doorsteps.

‘Everybody in the area is complaining. If these men want to go to England, then send them to England.’

Others have accused the Socialists of tokenism, saying they are simply opening the camps as a humanitarian gesture that will have no long term effect on Europe’s immigrant crisis.

Next time a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist tells you “there are consequences to mass third world immigration,” you can reply: “I KNOW! AND THEY’RE FRIGGIN AWESOME!”

It’s just going to be so much fun when every street in Europe looks like this.

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