“Panic Buyers” are Raping Your Grocery Shelves!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

At least Donald Trump didn’t get called a racist for shutting the border with China.

And I wonder to myself: will life ever be sane again?

Daily Mail:

Panic buying has spread across the US from New Jersey to San Francisco with worried shoppers emptying shelves to stock up on supplies amid a surge in deadly coronavirus cases.

New diagnoses in several states pushed the tally of COVID-19 cases past 100, and New Hampshire reported its first patient Monday, raising the total of affected states to 11. Seattle officials announced four more deaths, bringing the total in the US to six.

The recent boom in numbers has brought chaotic scenes to supermarkets throughout the country with shoppers lining up with trolleys overflowing with bundles of toilet paper, racks of water bottles and shelves cleaned out of hand sanitizing gel.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) yesterday warned it could begin testing up to a million people by the end of the week, as the global total of confirmed cases soared to more than 90,000 today, including 3,117 deaths.

As shoppers backed up in Costco wholesale outlets across the nation, the Surgeon General Jerome Adams urged the public not to go overboard in its reaction to the contagion.

“You’ll mothafockas da bitch ass nigga muh dick muhfuggah yall ass bitch da feq bix nood.” -Surgeon General Jerome Adams

‘Caution, preparedness, but not panic,’ Adams said during Monday’s stop in Connecticut. ‘That’s how we’re going to successfully navigate this coronavirus situation.’

Adams and state Public Health Commissioner Renee Coleman-Mitchell urged the public to take precautions such as washing hands, elbow ‘bumping’ instead of hand shaking and getting flu shots.

They said flu shots would decrease the number of people hospitalized because of flu and free up space, if needed, to treat patients sickened by the coronavirus.

Flu shots make it more likely you’ll get the flu, but of course Jerome Adams wouldn’t know that because he’s a dumbass nigger.

“You’ll is cracka da peezy out this muffuggah ded da plinky got out da bitch fo time, nigga, fo time, I got yo ass.” -Surgeon General Jerome Adams

I’ve already stocked up with a year’s worth of canned goods, and enough bullets to raid 1,000,000 years’ worth of canned goods.

This is amateur hour.

Look at this asshole buying toilet paper for the apocalypse. He’ll die in the first wave.

What sort of a sick weirdo uses toilet paper in the first place?

Can you even imagine anything less hygienic than using a piece of paper to rub feces all over your buttocks after defecating?

This is simply savage behavior, and he deserves to die.

And look at the rest of these assholes. They are literally buying disposable paper products.

The one disposable paper product that actually makes sense – masks – are all sold out.

Another asshole with boxes of toilet paper.

Truly, all of these people deserve to die, and I so much hope they do.

If you haven’t prepped yet, don’t worry. I assume the fact that you are a reader of this website means you’re already all stocked up on ammo, so you can just raid and take the supplies and women of these idiots.

Remember, there are only two rules of raiding:

  1. Shoot first
  2. Don’t ask questions

Follow that plan, and you’ll be fine.

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