Pandora Papers Leak: Rich People Evade Taxes, So You’re Going to Lose More Freedom

We have to ban personal privacy because corporations are people and they are avoiding taxes.

We really need these taxes paid because the world is 59… gazillion… in debt.

If we don’t get that tax money, how is the world going to pay back that debt to the planets we borrowed it from?

Not having enough tax money is going to literally result in an invasion by usurious space aliens who are going to repo most of the planet.

That’s why we need real ID on the internet.

The Guardian:

The Pandora papers are the largest trove of leaked offshore data in history, containing more than 11.9m files from a total of 14 offshore service providers.

The records provide a rare window into the hidden world of offshore finance, casting light on the financial secrets of some of the world’s richest people. They show how global corporations, world leaders and billionaire individuals can avail of the secrecy offered by networks of companies registered in offshore jurisdictions to keep their transactions from public view.

The sheer size of the project is hard to fathom: 11.9m files making up 2.94 terabytes of data, making it the largest such project handled by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), with whom the Guardian partnered, by volume.

The international tax system allows rich individuals to shift ownership of their assets to companies registered on the other side of the world, often in countries to which the owner has no other connection.

Moving money offshore is not illegal, and there are legitimate reasons why some people do it. People living under repressive regimes sometimes use offshore providers to put their assets beyond the reach of political enemies.

But the system enables some of the world’s wealthiest companies and individuals to operate in secrecy and to hide assets from public view. Anonymity can make it easier for the proceeds of crime or corruption to be laundered and filtered through the financial system undetected.

Yes, rich people did something, so now the solution is less anonymity.

This is for your own good.

Bad rich people.


The big baddies!

Putin’s face is there even though he isn’t even mentioned in the papers.

The intended New World Order outcome of this is that the outrage people feel because some rich person somewhere is not paying some taxes is going to make it easier to convince them that losing all anonymity and financial privacy is somehow in their best interests.

Just claim that the new central bank cryptocurrency is going to solve tax evasion.