Palestine: Righteous Jews Confiscate Gaza-Bound Terror Chocolate to Thwart Hamas

Those dastardly Arabs are funding their terrorist agenda with delicious chocolate bars!

The Jews know what to do: shut down the chocolate and you shut down the terror.


Israel has been accused of “acting like a cartoon villain” after it confiscated a shipment of chocolate bars headed for Gaza – alleging that these were part of a network financing Hamas operations.

On Monday, tax authority officials reportedly intercepted the 23-ton shipment as it passed from Egypt into Israel.

The confectionery was apparently being brought into Gaza by two import companies – al-Mutahidun Currency Exchange and Arab al-Sin – which, according to officials, are fronts for Hamas. Both companies were designated as terrorist organizations by the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority.

In May, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) intelligence is said to have discovered that the companies belong to a group headed by Gaza money-exchange businessman Zahir Younes Shmalach, who was apparently using them to “funnel tens of millions of dollars” from Iran to Hamas, the Jerusalem Post said.

“Israel will continue to act to prevent Hamas from growing stronger. It is building up military force instead of taking care of the people of the [Gaza] Strip who are collapsing from the economic burden,” Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said in a statement after signing an executive order authorizing the seizure of the chocolate bars.

“We will continue to hunt down networks that fund terror, no matter what method they choose.”

Social media users ridiculed the assertion that Hamas was being funded through the same avenues used by “little league baseball teams,” while another juxtaposed the Hamas flag with a banner of the Girls Scouts of the USA, which famously sells cookies and chocolate for funding.

Anyway, if anyone was still wondering if it was possible for Jews to feel shame – there’s your answer.

They’re perfectly fine with acting like cartoon villains – in-between being the biggest victims ever in all of history, who were gassed in fake shower rooms and turned into lampshades to a tune of six million.