Pakistanis Elect Neo-Nazi White Nationalist Extremist Vowing to Make Pakistan White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 29, 2018

We’ve got a Pakistani ISIS Mayor of London…

…Is it time for a Nazbol Mayor of Karachi?

So while London has elected a Pakistani to rule over them and make what was once the center of the world’s most powerful white empire into even more of an Islamic cesspit, Pakistan is electing white nationalists who are vowing to turn Pakistan into a Neo-Nazi state and replace Pakistanis with skinheads and Proud Boys from Oregon.

I think it’s Matt Heimbach, but I haven’t actually read the article yet. In fact, I only read part of the headline, then jumped over here to start writing about it.

Matthew Heimbach: The future of Pakistan? 

Okay wait no, I’m reading the first part of the article now and looking at the picture of the guy.

I thought that was Heimbach, but I guess it is Mahesh Kumar Malani.

It looks like I jumped the gun on that. I would change the headline but I don’t really have time, got a lot of articles to write today so I’m just gonna push on through.

It just seemed like it would make a lot of sense that White people and Pakistanis would be trading places, but I guess Pakistanis are just taking us over and we have nowhere to run. I guess that’s what we get for the Crusades or the Holocaust or whatever.

The Independent:

Pakistan has elected a non-Muslim to a general seat in the national assembly for the first time in its recent history, even as the victory of ex-cricketer Imran Khan raises some concerns among minority communities.

Mahesh Kumar Malani, a 55-year-old Hindu, spoke to The Independent on Friday after it was confirmed that he had won his seat in the impoverished Tharparkar district of Sindh province.

As a member of the third-placed progressive Pakistan People’s Party, led by the son of assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Mr Malani said he will now likely travel to Islamabad in opposition to Mr Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Oh yeah I remember when Bhutto got assassinated.

Mad lulz.

Look at this guy screaming after his shit got all fucked up. Looks like he’s singing opera.

What a dumbfuck.

Look at him here then.

Does he think it’s this?

Seriously, was that guy an actor they brought in for these photos?

Like some sort of professional “post-bombing screamer”?

Anyway, yeah – stupid event.

Not sure why kikes thought they could push feminist revolution in PAKISTAN.

But yeah, no – Heimbach’s out of the race for Mayor of Karachi.

Or maybe it’s Mandela Effect and Heimbach never was running for Mayor of Karachi.

But if he was never running, then why did he film all of these campaign videos with the Taliban?