Pakistani Religious and Political Figure Calls for France to be Nuked for Muhammed Cartoons

Do a war with atomic bomb and declare Jihad against France, says Pakistani spiritual leader and politician Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi from PublicFreakout

The Muhammed cartoon fiasco continues to heat up. In Pakistan, Allama Khadim Hussain Rizvi, a religious and political figure, has called for France to be nuked for doing these cartoons.

Rizvi said: “Today France is challenging. They are asking, ‘why do you have a 10th atomic bomb?’ Should do an atomic war. Do war with atomic bomb.”

I’m not sure that Rizvi is a relevant political figure, but he is someone who everyone in Pakistan knows. He’s a celebrity who is on TV and is calling for the use of nuclear weapons in response to conflict that arose over Muhammed cartoons.

The reason that this has become such a big deal is not simply that the cartoons were produced. That’s been happening forever. The reason it is a big deal is that Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, endorsed the cartoons.

The cartoons were then projected onto government buildings, effectively declaring that the entire state of France supports the cartoons.

Alain Soral was just sent to prison last year for hurting the feelings of Jews.

Comedian Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala has been fined for hurting Jewish feelings with jokes, which is against the law. Historian Robert Faurisson was repeatedly prosecuted and fined for hurting Jewish feelings. Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder and long-time leader of National Front, a party that came in second place in the last presidential election, has been repeatedly convicted of crimes relating to hurting Jewish feelings, having once been convicted for saying that the Nazi occupation of France “was not particularly inhumane.”

France sentenced a poor rando to jail time for calling a woman who worked at the welfare office a “dirty Jewess.”

It goes on and on.

There is no argument that can be made to argue that making fun of a Jew or hurting a Jew’s feelings is qualitatively different than doing Muhammed cartoons. What is being judged in either case is the subjective emotions of the person offended. Moslems are clearly legitimately offended by these cartoons.

So what France is literally saying is: “we have different laws for different races.”

If that’s the way you want to run a country, then okay. But you can’t make the claim that you have some kind of hardcore commitment to free speech while Jews remain a protected race. It’s actually just pure nonsense.

So then: what is the point of promoting these cartoons? Emmanuel Macron is just obviously lying and saying he cares about free speech, and some people will believe it because it’s 2020 and people just believe nonsense. But clearly he has some actual reason for doing it. Once you’ve dismissed the stated claim that it’s about free speech, the next claim is going to be that he’s trying to bully the Moslems into becoming secular by humiliating them. But that theory falls apart when you see that all this does is strengthen the resolve of Moslems.

The number one people who know that the “free speech” excuse is bullshit are the Moslems themselves. The Ayatollah came out and said:

If it was actually true that France had free speech as a matter of principle, the Moslems wouldn’t be this mad. Some of them would be mad still of course, but you wouldn’t have this organized global response. That is because they are being specifically targeted. Which is the clear goal.

Everyone could have guessed what their response would be to this – global outrage, wagon circling and terrorism. Frankly, I see no other explanation for Macron’s actions than that he wanted to create this situation.

So: what for?

I hate to say it: but I’m going to have to say that all indicators point to this being part of some larger agenda, which ties into everything else that is going on in the world right now. Possibly, they are trying to create a hostile climate in order to push some new war against Moslems. Maybe it’s something completely different. But it’s clearly something. The people who rule us don’t just do things for no reason.

Imagine a war starting over stupid cartoons that look like they were drawn by a toddler?