Pakistani PM Says Anti-Moslem Speech Should be Like Holo Denialism

There are anti-French riots in Pakistan. It makes sense – France invited a bunch of Moslems to come live in their country on welfare, then once they got there, the French started systematically insulting their most sacred religious beliefs.

Whatever you want to say about Moslems, inviting them to your country and then creating a climate that is openly and aggressively hostile to their core values is inexcusably rude.

However, the solution, according to the Pakistani PM, is not for the French to pay to resettle all of those Moslems they brought to their country back in their home countries – it is to ban the French from speaking about Islam. Just like France banned questioning the Jews.

It wasn’t the French people who brought these people in. Just as it wasn’t the French people who did the Holocaust (even if you believe it happened). So taking away French freedoms is not fair to the French.

People should have freedoms. I think it is actually very gross to insult the religious beliefs of anyone (other than Jews, because they are a satanic cult and they lie about it). It just feel very dirty, to take something that people think is sacred, and make a mockery of it.

However – people have to have freedom! They have to be able to speak as they will, even if it is gross!

Of course, after the coronavirus lockdown, saying “people should have freedom” is pretty much meaningless.

Furthermore, the French cannot possibly have an explanation as to why Jews get special protections from criticism and Moslems do not.

The solution is always more freedom of speech. Any time when you are talking about removing freedom of speech, you’re going in the wrong direction.

Removing freedom of speech, as we’ve seen, leads to violence.

In this situation: it is primarily Jews who want to mock the religion of the Moslems, just like they mock Christianity.

If I recall, about half of those killed during the 2015 Charlie Hebdo Muhammed cartoon shooting were Jewish.

Not everyone at Charlie Hebdo is a Jew, but in general, Jews are the ones obsessed with insulting everyone’s sacred beliefs.

(Ben Shapiro, an American Jew who claims that Jesus Christ was a common criminal who “got what he deserved,” is also a big supporter of Muhammed cartoons. He is also a big supporter of mass Islamic immigration into America, and has said he wants to turn America brown. While we’re listing off things Ben Shapiro supports, he also supports libertarianism and forced vaccinations. He also hates Mormons for some reason, which is perhaps the most inexplicable belief.)

However, in France, you can’t point out that it is Jews responsible for this agenda to insult the Moslems (while also continually flooding the country with more and more of them, and encouraging white women to have sex with them) – because it is against the law to criticize the Jews.

This then incentivizes Islamic terrorism.

If people knew that the Jews were the ones pushing this “Muhammed Cartoon” thing, they could see that the reason Jews do this is because they want to create violence.

Ultimately, it is now officially safe to say that multiculturalism has failed, and it is now time to start undoing this project. The French invited the Moslems, so they now have a responsibility to peacefully resettle them in their own countries. If it were not for the fact of these wars in the Middle East – also created by Jews – Moslem countries would not be such a disaster. So it is also the responsibility of Western nations to end these wars.

Most Moslems now accept 1967 borders of Israel, and that should really be enough for them. They should pull back. If they need more space, they can build skyscrapers, or just actually buy land from Palestinians instead of bulldozing their homes and stealing it.