Pakistani Bomb Makers Bankroll Silicon Valley Developer Plotting to Assassinate Donald Trump

Daily Stormer
November 14, 2016


“Nobody ever expects Matt Harrigan.” -Matt Harrigan

There’s a California information security company called PacketSled. Unlike most network forensics companies, this one is not notable for its products which nobody seems to use. This company is notable for its unhinged CEO plotting to assassinate our glorious President-Elect in public.

matt_harrigan_packetsled1 matt_harrigan_packetsled2 matt_harrigan_packetsled3
Listen, goyim. It’s okay that Silicon Valley elites threaten to murder the President, because racism.

Matt Harrigan, the CEO of Packetsled, is pictured here saying that in no uncertain terms he despises America, and that no amount of substance abuse is capable of containing his homicidal rage. He intends to direct this rage towards the murder of our glorious Emperor, Donald J. Trump. He’s since confirmed the authenticity of these statements, though is asserting that they were intended as a joke. Was getting caught part of your plan?

The interesting thing is the sheer amount of Islamic support this guy’s company has. A quick dig around its base of investors exposes some shocking truths. Its Series A funding round was lead by by Keshif Ventures, the Angel Investment group of Taner Halicioglu. That last name is of clear Turkish origins, and Taner currently sits on PacketSled’s board.

packetsled funding roundOnly racists have a problem with Jewish and Muslim capitalists funding domestic terrorists.

Usually the Angel investor contributes the smallest amount of capital to the funding rounds, leaving the two larger investors likely to be Blu Venture Investors and JHS Ventures. I was able to find Blu Venture easily on Twitter, so maybe drop them a tweet @blu_venture and ask them why they haven’t fired this Muslim-backed terrorist from the company they’ve funded.

The other venture firm, JHS Venture, is a Lahore, Pakistan based firm with very little social media presence. I rang their phone and got no answer. Their website lists their major partner (and thus likely primary capital depositor) as Fazal Textiles, so I did a little further digging.

fazal family magnates fertilizer packetsled

Only racists would object to an Islamic bomb-maker funding plots kill our leader.

Other than bankrolling assassination plots against our future president, these haji terrorists are highly involved in the textiles industry (cited even by the Jew York Times as being highly problematically linked to terrorism) and the production of fertilizer, which for those somehow unaware of Timothy McVeigh is the most common source of explosives in the world.

In addition, we’ve all known that the CIA is a pro-Islamist fifth column against the USA, and PacketSled’s CEO is personal friends with Jim Woolsey, the former head of the CIA.

The CIA is friends with all domestic and foreign terrorists. So what? That’s cultural enrichment, goy.

PacketSled, of course, is on Twitter: @packetsled.

I hope the Secret Service does something about this clear and present danger of foreign Muslims funding domestic terror plots. Who knows, though. The plot against our Führer might extend even to the leadership of the Secret Service itself.