Pakistan PM Blames Women for Perpetuating Rape

Imran Khan is alpha and a chad and I’m 99% sure that T.E. Lawrence is one of his ancestors.

The Guardian:

Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, is facing backlash after he blamed victims of rape for wearing “very few clothes”.

The former cricket captain was questioned by the Axios journalist Jonathan Swan about the ongoing “rape epidemic” in Pakistan and responded by saying: “If a woman is wearing very few clothes it will have an impact on the man unless they are robots. It’s common sense.”

It is the most simple, common sense fact of basic biology.

It’s the single most obvious thing in the universe, but you’re just not allowed to say it – because it would hurt women’s feelings to say it.

If there is a problem that didn’t used to exist that all of a sudden started existing, you look at what changed. In the new problem of a “rape epidemic,” the thing that changed was that women started leaving the house wearing little clothing.

This phenomenon of women walking around half-naked sets off a light in the male brain that says “that woman must be trying to get raped, or else she wouldn’t be walking around like that.”

We live in a system that is entirely based on stupid lies. Therefore, the more obvious something is, the bigger the social punishment for saying it. “Women dressed like whores deserve to be raped” is about the single most obviously true statement a person could make, and therefore it is considered the highest heresy against the order of falsehood.

Jonathan Swan is such a gotcha faggot. He goes around acting like he’s hot shit, and every single thing I have ever seen from this homo is just standard gotcha tabloid tripe.

He’s the best living mainstream media journalist because he’s the best at the tabloid gotcha.

He literally has a team of writers to put the gotchas together for him too – he’s just really, really good at springing the gotcha.

I would be ashamed in front of my ancestors and in front of Jesus if I was being celebrated as the world’s greatest gotcha artist.