Pakistan: Pedophilia, Necrophilia and Incest – All in One Single Event!

The suspects

If you think your life is weird and marred by perversion and sadism, let me just take you on a little trip to Lahore, Pakistan…

The Express Tribune:

In a horrific act, a minor girl in suburbs of Lahore was strangled to death before being sexually assaulted by two suspects including her cousin.

The body of seven-year-old A*****, who had gone missing on Sunday, was recovered from drain near her home in Sundar, a small area near the provincial capital of Punjab.

The victim’s family began search of the minor girl after finding her missing and the suspects who were involved in the horrendous crime were also pretending to be aiding in the search.

A relative of the victim told the family that the minor girl was last seen with her cousin Rizwan Yousaf at his residence in the same neighbourhood.

The suspect reportedly lured the victim into a deserted place on promise of giving her money.

In the nearby fields, the suspects reportedly strangled the victim to death and sexually abused her.

Rizwan, who is a prime suspect, first expressed ignorance about the incident and denied involvement in the case.

However, the next day when the family could not find the victim after searching for the whole night, they threatened Rizwan of informing the police about the incident.

The suspect, in fear of being arrested confessed to her sister about his involvement, saying that his friend threatened to kill him if he did not bring his minor cousin to him.

Rizwan also revealed about the whereabouts of the girl after which she was recovered from a pound in a small village near Lahore by a rescue team.

Sharing the details of initial inquiry, the senior police official said the victim was murdered first before being sexually assaulted.

Afterwards, they dumped her body into a pond to hide their crime, he added.

You know what would have prevented this?

If all of these people had been allowed to come live in the United Kingdom on welfare.

This weird incident should be blamed not on the people who did it, but on the anti-immigration forces in Britain.

Everyone has a right to be British, and by denying entry to the entire population of Pakistan, the racists are causing things like this weird incident to take place on a daily basis in Pakistan.