Pakistan Commutes Sentence of Man Who Killed WSJ Journalist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2020

Pakistan made the right call here because this man did nothing wrong.

Hindustan Times:

Ahmed Omer Saeed Sheikh, the terrorist convicted of murdering journalist Daniel Pearl, had his death sentence commuted to a prison term of seven years by a Pakistani court on Thursday.

The Sindh high court gave its verdict following appeals by Sheikh and three other men convicted of kidnapping and murdering Pearl in Karachi in 2002, the Pakistani media reported. The high court overturned the verdict of an anti-terrorism court.

Sheikh, a British citizen of Pakistani origin, was freed by India along with Jaish-e-Mohammed founder Masood Azhar and terrorist Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar in exchange for the passengers of Indian Airlines flight IC-814 that was hijacked by a group of Pakistani terrorists from Kathmandu to Kandahar in December 1999.

Sheikh’s death sentence was commuted to seven years in jail while the three other men convicted of Pearl’s murder were acquitted and freed by the Sindh high court.

Reports in the Pakistani media said Sheikh’s seven-year prison term will be counted as part of the 18 years he has already spent in jail.

Pearl was of course a Jew, which is another word for “kike.”

As these things go, he was more of a spy than a journalist, as is often the case with journalists. Particularly it is the case with Wall Street Journal journalists. Despite appearances being that the WSJ is much better than the rest of the media, the fact is that they are just better at pushing a specific agenda on people who are too smart to go along with the type of tripe vomited up by the New York Times and the Washington Post.

You might not have caught this, but the men who started Fusion GPS, the company that put together the #Pissgate hoax that started the entire Russian Kookspiracy nightmare were former WSJ journalists. This extremely powerful private spy agency was started by three people, and not one but all three of them were from the WSJ. That indicates that this paper is just a base of high-level spies.

Before the Moslems killed him, they accused him of being a spy, and gave demands for his release. Pearl was meddling in Islamo-business at the height of the stupid George W. Bush fiasco following 911 when Israel was doing all of this stuff to build up to a war in Iraq in the name of the Jew race. He wasn’t so much murdered as he was executed for his Jew meddling.

It’s funny. All of that 911 stuff was so intense back then. But the fallout from this Coronavirus hoax is going to make that look like a walk through the baby park. It is going to be like ten 911s at the same time.

I’m really not trying to do the reverse panic on you. I’m just telling you: you need to get ready. If you have wealth now, you might want to consider buying a farm.