Pakistan: Carriers Shutting Off Cellphone Service of People Who Decline to be Vaxxed Up

90% estrogen, 100% vaxxed – great connection with 5G microwaves!

You should have asked why they needed your name and ID to register a cellphone.

People kept saying “I don’t care if I’m being spied on, because I’m not doing anything wrong.”

Well, let’s see how that works out.


Punjab’s provincial government is turning to coercive measures to increase participation in its Covid-19 vaccination program, after unveiling plans to disable the SIM cards of people who decline to get jabbed.

The extreme decision was made during a meeting of high-ranking civil and military officials chaired by Punjab Health Minister Yasmin Rashid.

Rashid said that the policy would disable SIM cards belonging to those who fail to get vaccinated “beyond a certain time.”

“We are doing all we can to compel people to get vaccinated… The government cannot allow individuals, who do not want to get vaccinated, to risk lives of those who are already vaccinated,” the health minister told Pakistan’s Express Tribune. She said that the provincial government would devise a timeline for the policy’s implementation once it received formal approval from the National Command and Operation Center, which coordinates Pakistan’s national response to Covid-19.

Punjab’s Primary and Secondary Health Department announced the measure on Thursday in a tweet detailing the outcome of the meeting.

“Mobile SIMS of people not getting vaccinated may be blocked,” the department wrote.

In theory, Moslems should at least be against the vaxx for the same reasons Christians are: it contains aborted fetal tissue.

Of course, the Anal Pope came out and told Christians that the cannibalistic act of being injected with human fetal tissue was morally good and righteous.

Apparently, modern Moslems are no more serious than modern fake Christians.

It’s shocking the way religious institutions across the board have bowed to this vaxx program.

As far as shutting off phones: you can say “oh this is just Pakistan” – but Pakistan is part of the Western human rights democracy regime. You can guarantee this idea was endorsed by Western powers.

Of course they’re going to start this sort of thing in a shithole.

But this is in-line with the logic of censorship we’ve seen in the West: cellphone companies are private companies. Private companies are allowed to take away your First Amendment rights. We’ve seen now that private companies are allowed to force you to get vaxxed. Even in Florida, companies have been forcing their employees to get vaxxed under threat of being fired.

Private companies can do whatever they want to anyone – that is our values.

Right now, there is nothing in America stopping Verizon and T-Mobile from demanding that you show your vaxx card and if you refuse, shutting off your service. They could announce that program later today, and you would have absolutely zero recourse.

Tranny Watch warned when the censorship began that this new ultra-libertarian principle the socialist Jews were introducing and the government was accepting would be applied to things other than simply silencing speech.

The Biden Administration is still in the process of developing a vaccine passport, and they’ve already said that it will be up to companies if they want to use it. Obviously, all the big corporations will use it, and the government will punish any company that refuses. Because the government is allowed to incentivize private companies to violate people’s rights and that doesn’t count as the government violating your rights.

We’ve seen this with AOC calling for private companies to censor people.

She publicly demanded Apple and Google shut down Parler.

She’s also sent out emails plotting to use her influence as an elected government official to censor Twitter and Facebook.

It hasn’t gone to federal court yet, but it eventually will go to federal court, and it will be decided that the government can compel private companies to violate people’s rights, and incentivize them for doing so, and that doesn’t violate the libertarian principles that say a private company can do anything to anyone.

This is the new order: the tyrannical government works directly with mega-corporations to deprive people of their rights, and it is allowed on the basis of this libertarian claim that private companies’ rights trump those of individuals. It is totally incoherent in terms of these people’s ideology, but all ideologies are simply a smokescreen.

All of these ideologies are selectively enforced, and people like AOC, who are ostensibly socialists, will borrow from anarcho-capitalist ideology when it suits them.

No one can ever win with these ideologies. If it really was anarcho-capitalism, then the government wouldn’t be able to cooperate with these companies.

I don’t know when the US government will really start cracking down on anti-vaxxers, but they can do it at any time. There is no law stopping the government from working with “private companies” (that they both subsidize and manipulate using threats of government action against them) from taking away your phone or banning you from buying groceries.

Meanwhile, federal employees CANNOT be forced to take the vaxx, and Anthony Fauci admitted that between 40-50% of the staff at the NIH are refusing the vaxx.

Oh wait, no sorry – fact check alert – he didn’t say they refused it, he just said that they declined to take it.

USA Today



Here’s the video.

You can clearly say that he doesn’t use the word “refuse.”

They just didn’t take the vaccine.

They couldn’t refuse because they weren’t told they had to take the vaccine because only a private company can tell you you have to take a vaccine.