Pakistan: 82% of “Rapes” are Done by the Girl’s Father or Brother (Can I Get a “Yikes” Over Here?)

Gavin McInnes used to go around making the claim that Moslems are violent and stupid because they’re inbred. I always thought it was kind of a dumb claim, but what is crazy is that he was allowed to say that as a semi-mainstream figure just a few years ago.

As far as I’m aware, the Arabs have a tradition of marrying their second cousins, which probably doesn’t cause very serious problems most of the time.

However, with Pakistanis? Inbreeding is presumably why their faces look like they do.


MNA Shandana Gulzar has urged the government to address the root causes of rapes, saying at least 82 per cent of rape perpetrators are family members, such as that include fathers, brothers, grandfathers, and uncles, of the rape survivors.

Speaking on a TV show, MNA Gulzar quoted figures by the rights group War on Rape (WAR) said the most family members are involved in the rapes of the girls.

According to the lawmaker, the girls who get pregnant after being sexually assaulted by their family members do not approach the police, but rather go to the gynecologists for abortion. The mothers of these girls do not go to the police as they say that they cannot leave their husbands, she added.

She called it one of the worst facets of society and added that no one is willing to talk about it even though she has been advocating this cause for three years.

She said if the government was willing to address these causes of rapes, then the society will evolve and resist the male-dominated culture that perpetuates crimes against women.

You know, I usually defend men on principle, even nonwhite men, who are accused of rapes that don’t involve violence. I actually think it’s complete bullshit, this idea that women do not have the strength in their legs to force a man’s penis out. They absolutely do have that strength, they can also claw and bite and so on – so in order to commit an actually forced sex act, it means that a man would have to either threaten the woman with a weapon, or beat her into submission.

However, when it comes to a father or a brother – that is hard to defend, even if it isn’t true rape.

I don’t think we should allow these people to come to our countries. It is obvious that they are completely physically deformed from inbreeding, and who knows what is going on with their brains.

With regards to McInnes’ claims though – it doesn’t really have anything to do with Islam, because Hindu Indians have the same issues. The Indian government is probably smart enough to not release data about interfamilial sex, but it probably happens just as often, and that’s probably why India is the most conservative society on earth with legal abortion.

The only Pakistanis and Indians who aren’t repulsive are the rich, and they probably have like, rap songs in school that teach them not to have sex with their relatives.

Like those motherfuckers who did that fucking badass grimy fucking slice-ass killer shit rap about not fucking cussing.

Like, the British probably run their schools, and spam them with wholesome rap song that’s like:

Listen up Pakistan, to what I’m sayin’
I got a word or two, and I ain’t playin’
There’s a bad habit round here and it’s called incest
And if you do it, you won’t pass the test

You see I got a little story about a man name Mo’
He had a real pretty daughter and she dressed like a ho
When she came home from school, he would feel a bit sketchy
And down in his trousers was a big ol’ erection

So one day Mo’ was feelin’ a bit randy
He creeped in his daughter’s room and removed her panties
He had a real fun romp, it was quite a ride
But soon he found out, there was a baby inside

Nine months later when the baby came out
He took a look at it and he wasn’t proud
What he saw was a cross ‘tween a toad and a sheep
For the rest of his life, he’d never get sleep

Because the baby was ugly, but that wasn’t it
He was stupid and slow, without one wit
He would yell all night, make an awful noise
Forty years later, and he still plays with toys

Inbred deformities are serious, nothing mysterious
Look at the signs, and think with your mind
I know your daughter’s hot, but don’t lose the plot
If your daughter grabs your schlong, remember this song

The rich also probably have access to PSA videos, like those ones that the white Australians make for their natives about how you shouldn’t sleep in the road after huffing gasoline, because you might get hit by a car.

They also get informative songs about how you shouldn’t huff gasoline.

Normal Indians and Pakistanis don’t have access to this kind of educational material, so their thinking is, “why wouldn’t I have sex with my daughter? She’s right here!” (Sort of like the Homer Simpsonism, “why pay the piper when they’ve got free piping down the street?”)

They get no anti-incest education.

And they all end up looking like those mug shots from Rotherham:

They look like literal swamp mutants.

Based on the basic nature of sexual selection, it’s impossible that any people could look like this for any reason other than mutations.

Because like Richard Nixon said: even the Negroes have an animal-like charm.