Pakistan: 8-Year-Old Girl Kicked in the Crotch Until She Dies as Punishment for Setting Birds Free

Pakistanis: They’re who you call when some little bitch frees the birds.

Serves the little bitch right! I wish we had this kind of punishment for setting birds free in America!

You can’t live in a society where everyone is letting the damn birds out, now can you!

The Wire India:

On May 31, eight-year-old Zohra Shah was brought to Begum Akhter Rukhsana Memorial Hospital in Rawalpindi in a critical condition.

The child was unconscious and had terrible injuries. There were cut marks on her arms and legs, scratch marks and bruises on her torso and most disturbingly, torture marks on her genitals, thighs and calves, potentially pointing towards the likelihood that she was raped.

Shocked at the state the girl was brought in, and also because private hospitals cannot proceed in crime cases as they do not have medicolegal authority, the doctors instantly notified the police.

It was discovered that Zohra’s injuries came at the hands of her employers, Hassan Siddique and his wife Umme Kulsoom, who had beat her after she reportedly freed some valuable parrots from their cages.

Hassan Siddique had quietly left the hospital by the time the police reached.

For some time, Zohra struggled for her life in the ICU and was put on ventilator. But ultimately, she breathed her last.

In a recent development, Zohra’s grandfather Fazal Hussain said that his granddaughter, who was beaten with something heavy and blunt, was taken to work by an aunt, but without the family’s permission. Government authorities, however, suspect the father was behind the arrangement.

Fazal Hussain, a resident of village (Basti) Maso Shah, said though the family had offered them money, they had refused to take any. He also claims that Hassan Siddiqui had raped Zohra several times while she had been living with them for the past four months.

“Siddiqui kicked the girl in her private parts and there were bruises on her entire body and she was bleeding,” the police said.

Honestly, I just don’t see how anyone has any sympathy for bird freers.

Haven’t we seen enough to know where “free the birds” ends up???

When will it end?

When will we accept that if a child frees the birds, she has to be kicked in the crotch until she dies???

This is why I’m hopeful about there being so much Pakistani immigration into the UK. I think they will be able to enrich our culture with the vibrancy of kicking a small child in the pussy until she dies if she frees the birds.

A Britain dominated by Pakistanis has a bright future – a very bright future indeed.

As long as you’re not a bird freer…!