Pack of Wild Chimpanzees Attacks White Kids

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 4, 2017

They were victims of microaggressions though, so these White kids deserved it.

Daily Mail:

Cellphone footage appears to show one group of boys surrounded by another group that begins taunting and spitting on them.

Suddenly, the assault turns physical as they viciously beat down on the boys.

Three teenagers throw one of the boys, wearing a light blue T-shirt and white cap, to the ground and punch and kick him and he covers his head on the ground.

He’s able to get up and walk away with his group before the attackers throw another one of the teens down on the dock and he too is punched and kicked.

One of the boys, wearing a navy blue shirt, leads the second boy away and yells at the attackers to leave them alone.

There was a White girl there. How much will you wager that the motivation was ‘muh dick’?